The Watchlist: Episode 3 – Hellboy & John Wick

So Hellboy is back after an 11 years absence. Also John Wick is coming back next month. I have been planning on doing this for awhile as I haven't seen either of these franchises and here is my chance. So how we'll be doing this is I'll look at Hellboy, then John Wick and you … Continue reading The Watchlist: Episode 3 – Hellboy & John Wick

Shorty: Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai is the latest movie I have seen. I want a challenge when I watch a movie so give me something I haven't tried before. Hotel Mumbai was certainly a challenge! If you don't already know, this movie is based on the 2008 terrorist attack in the city of Mumbai, but more specifically focusing … Continue reading Shorty: Hotel Mumbai

Shorty: Greta

I just watched Greta because it’s been awhile since I have reviewed a thriller movie. It’s a movie about a young girl who finds a handbag belonging to the title character and they quickly become very close. It’s soon revealed that this woman is quite disturbed and our lead girl tries to unsuccessfully end all … Continue reading Shorty: Greta

Glass is a big disappointment

Glass was the first movie of this year that I was actually looking forward to but I should have learned by now that anticipation usually leads to disappointment. This is the movie that connects the 18 year old Unbreakable with the 2 year old Split, both great movies but putting them together kind of didn’t work. I’ll start … Continue reading Glass is a big disappointment

The BC’s Netflix Watch-a-thon: October 2018 (Halloween Special)

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Blog Complainer's Netflix Watch-a-thon. This won't be like any of the other specials you've seen from me or any other special you've seen in your entire life. Tonight we are not going to look at 3 movies, but 4 movies! Since it's the month of fear we're … Continue reading The BC’s Netflix Watch-a-thon: October 2018 (Halloween Special)

Searching for a great movie is finally over.

Searching is, without a doubt, different! I was originally planning to see the new Predator movie and expecting it to be average. But my subconscious told me ‘Hey Dumbie, you liked the trailer for that FaceTime Mystery Thriller. So stop watching all these terrible Cashin horror flicks and go watch some real art.’ Yeah, so … Continue reading Searching for a great movie is finally over.