Scooby-Doo Live-Action Movies Review

True that, it’s Scoobie Doobie Do review time on the radical Blog Complainer page. (Great opening Cam, are you proud of yourself now?) Scooby-Doo. You all know who he is as he has entertained children of many ages for 50 years now. I kind of grew up in that Scooby-Doo peak period where he had … Continue reading Scooby-Doo Live-Action Movies Review

Horrid Horrors 2019 – Week 3: Anaconda

After two movies about idiot teens being killed by another teen and an off screen monster I wanted to change it up a notch to dumbass adults being killed by a giant CGI snake. I did have another movie planned for this week, but I saw this pop up on Netflix and I do not … Continue reading Horrid Horrors 2019 – Week 3: Anaconda