Johnny English Strikes Out (Spoilers)

The Blog Complainer’s Journal, 30th of September 2018: The month of September has reached it’s end and September has been a bad month for entertainment: with the passing of Burt Reynolds, acclaimed comedian Bill Cosby sent to the slammer, Cavil and Batfleck dropping out of the DCEU, another season of Insatiable being confirmed, Telltale Games shutting … Continue reading Johnny English Strikes Out (Spoilers)

Johnny English Movies: A Double Whammy!

Does anyone remember spoof movies? Back in the early 2000’s they were pretty big things, we had movies like Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Extreme Movie and Scary Movie 4. Then we come to today and we have movies like Scary Movie 5, The Starving Games, Breaking Wind and many more bargain bin movies … Continue reading Johnny English Movies: A Double Whammy!