Avengers: Endgame: Spoiler Analysis

It’s been almost a week now and so it's about time we talked some spoilers. If you have seen Endgame trying to avoid spoilers is like walking across a minefield with a group of school children whilst all wearing clown shoes. Now let's focus fully on the plot. I’m going to start from the beginning … Continue reading Avengers: Endgame: Spoiler Analysis

Avengers: Endgame – First Impressions (Spoiler Free)

So, a little indie movie came out today.  It is called Avengers: Endgame and is directed by the Russo Brothers.  It stars every actor on the entire planet as they all come together to defeat evil. It’ll probably make you laugh, make you cry, make you cheer, maybe make you cringe, but it’ll definitely make … Continue reading Avengers: Endgame – First Impressions (Spoiler Free)