The It movies

In 1990 the first adaptation of It was released to the small screen. It wasn’t very well received at the time, but don’t worry it’s now a cult classic and it’s considered to be one of the best adaptations of Stephen King’s books. The 1990 It was a two part special, which had the length … Continue reading The It movies

Brightburn – a disappointment

I have some advice for anyone reading this review. Don’t ever be excited for anything, ever! Especially with movies that show alot of potential like Glass, The Lego Movie 2, Us, Detective Pikachu, John Wick 3 and just recently Brightburn. So if you’re looking forward to anything, just don’t, or otherwise you might end up a … Continue reading Brightburn – a disappointment

Shorty: Us

The last horror movie for this month is Us. Jordan Peele is back with another weird and unique horror flick that will definitely make you think. In the Watchlist I reviewed his previous movie Get Out which I very much enjoyed and I have been really excited to see what Us had to offer. Us is about … Continue reading Shorty: Us

The Watchlist: Episode 2 -The Horror

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, in tonight's episode we're getting dark and entering the realm of fear and horror, that's the theme we're going for here. We've got three movies for this episode, all of which are from recent memory. It's probably best to mention that all of these movies are pretty dark and have … Continue reading The Watchlist: Episode 2 -The Horror

The Watchlist: Episode 1 – Pilot

Oh, hello, I didn't see you come in. Welcome to a brand new series that I have dubbed The Watchlist. If any of you were around in the earlier days of my career you would recall I had a series called The BC's Netflix Watchathon where I talked about three movies that aligned with my … Continue reading The Watchlist: Episode 1 – Pilot

The BC’s Netflix Watch-a-thon: October 2018 (Halloween Special)

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Blog Complainer's Netflix Watch-a-thon. This won't be like any of the other specials you've seen from me or any other special you've seen in your entire life. Tonight we are not going to look at 3 movies, but 4 movies! Since it's the month of fear we're … Continue reading The BC’s Netflix Watch-a-thon: October 2018 (Halloween Special)

Venom is neither bad nor good, but a combination of both!

October starts off terribly with Marvel’s, I mean Sony’s, Venom. The best way to describe this movie is like when a little baby pushes off a hot bowl of spaghetti onto your very expensive carpet and what are you left with. So if you didn’t know because you once shared the same rock as me … Continue reading Venom is neither bad nor good, but a combination of both!

The Meg is a bad movie disguised as an average one.

I’m only 2 ½ weeks late and it’s still out in theatres so it’s still relevant. (Good excuse Complainer!) To start off a new season we’re going to talk about a movie that came out last season just because I can and this is my site so there you go. The Meg is one of … Continue reading The Meg is a bad movie disguised as an average one.

Slender Man

Slender Man is bad, DON’T WATCH IT! I don’t need to say anymore, I’m the BC and I’m going to bed. (I can’t actually go to bed because it’s the middle of the afternoon.) Slender Man is a movie about four teenage girls doing normal teenage girl stuff. The girls get a little tipsy and … Continue reading Slender Man