My Hindu Friend: Review

Time flies as we’re already near the end of Jan. I’ve got a few posts to go before we wrap up this month and this one here I have been neglecting to talk about for a while. My Hindu Friend came out just over a week ago and it’s available on numerous platforms (full list … Continue reading My Hindu Friend: Review

1917 – A Technical Masterpiece!

The announcement of the Oscar nominations is not far off and I just checked out another movie that is most worthy of being nominated. I have been excited to see 1917 since it won Best Drama and Best Director for Sam Mendes at the Golden Globes, although I think it also should have won Best … Continue reading 1917 – A Technical Masterpiece!

Cats is The Most Embarrassing Movie of The Year!!!

Cats was a movie I went to see right after Christmas. I paid about $15 of my own money for a ticket to go and watch Cats, so then I would be able to review Cats on The Blog Complainer for all of you to understand what I felt about CATS!! I have been looking … Continue reading Cats is The Most Embarrassing Movie of The Year!!!

Parasite “The Best of 2019”

Damn, I have been on a roll recently! When I first started this site it was my mission to see as many movies as I possibly can. I do break that rule occasionally when it’s not really worth the effort, like that new Men in Black movie. Other times it just hasn’t been accessible where … Continue reading Parasite “The Best of 2019”

Marriage Story is a Masterpiece!

Hello, it’s me, The Blog Complainer and today I’m reviewing a Netflix movie which is something I don’t often do. When I first got Netflix I tried to review every movie that popped up, but after awhile the novelty wore off as most of their films turned out to be really forgettable and not worth … Continue reading Marriage Story is a Masterpiece!

Horrid Horrors 2019 – Final Week: The Haunting of Sharon Tate

Our final movie to end off this year of horror badness is probably the worst film I have seen come out of 2019. It’s so bad that I have no idea how I’m going to give my usual positive rating because literally everything is wrong with this film! Firstly, the title is not just misleading, … Continue reading Horrid Horrors 2019 – Final Week: The Haunting of Sharon Tate

Joker was quite a show!

So Joker is finally available to the general public and, you wouldn’t believe it, but I was actually excited to see this movie. Not that I’m never excited to see most superhero movies, it’s just that there is a formula that works and, no matter how many times Marvel changes it slightly, they are all basically … Continue reading Joker was quite a show!

The Disneyathon – Part 12: Original Classics

Link to Previous Part: The Disneyathon – Part 11: The Disney Renaissance Disney Renaissance classic number 3 is another hit in my eyes. Welcome to the city of Agrabah, a city filled with colourful Arabic people with American accents. A vibrant city guarded by the apparently skilled, but mostly overweight guards. The most appealing part of … Continue reading The Disneyathon – Part 12: Original Classics

An Early Review: Hate Crime

I don’t often talk about dramas, so let’s discuss a serious topic that’s still relevant and might open up a new perspective on life. Well that’s a bit of a lie as the movie will tackle the heavy subject matter, while I will just critique the movie and give it a rating. Hate Crime is an … Continue reading An Early Review: Hate Crime

The It movies

In 1990 the first adaptation of It was released to the small screen. It wasn’t very well received at the time, but don’t worry it’s now a cult classic and it’s considered to be one of the best adaptations of Stephen King’s books. The 1990 It was a two part special, which had the length … Continue reading The It movies