The 2010’s: Retrospective Review

Hello everybody, it’s me, The Blog Complainer and welcome to my final post of 2019 slash final post of this decade. Well I guess mathematically speaking 2020 would be the correct end of the decade, but this is the end of the 21st century’s teen years. To celebrate the end of the “decade” I created … Continue reading The 2010’s: Retrospective Review

How to make your movie a Box Office Bomb!!

It's been a week now since Terminator: Dark Fate came out and according to a variety of different sources the movie lost around $100 million at the box office. Not looking good for Paramount, but still it made me think. My review of Terminator: Dark Fate was more positive than most of the other movies … Continue reading How to make your movie a Box Office Bomb!!

How to make your movie a box office success!!

I have been on this planet for quite some time now and as a veteran of planet Earth I pay close attention to the box office gross. What's been the biggest movie in the last 10 years? What type of movies have been topping the box-office for the last 10 years? What's been flopping at … Continue reading How to make your movie a box office success!!

What’s the Blog Complainer Up To? 2

Hello, it's me, The Blog Complainer. I wanted to make another one of these update posts because I want to discuss a very important post coming up in a few days as you'll be very much involved in the making of it. The other thing is, as you can tell on the thumbnail, I want … Continue reading What’s the Blog Complainer Up To? 2

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Introduction Oh look, I have been nominated for another award! I'm hoping one of these days I might actually win an award for all my efforts because then I'll have an incentive to build a trophy case. So I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, which I'm guessing is an award for those with … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award

My First Ever Pen Review!!

Oh hi! Welcome to a new site called The Pen and I'm your host, The Pen Complainer. You were probably subscribed for my old content which involved reviewing movies and other entertainment stuff. Well, I was kind of growing out of that and I just had a revelation that I was never really into … Continue reading My First Ever Pen Review!!

Mortal Life

A short story by Cameron Black, aka The Blog Complainer This story is dedicated to my fans who have stuck with me 'til this point. Here we go again. Another date with another beautiful woman. It's going to happen again, I know it. It happened with Trisha, then again with Michelle and it will happen … Continue reading Mortal Life

What is The Blog Complainer Up To?

Hello, it's me, The Blog Complainer. I don't normally make separate update posts because they're usually inserted at the bottom of my main posts. I decided to make one on this occasion to discuss the future of The Blog Complainer. The 100th Post: The main reason I made this post is because I'm pretty close to … Continue reading What is The Blog Complainer Up To?

The Twilight Collection

Happy Valentine's Day! I was planning on doing something special for this holiday but unfortunately I've being busy with other projects, both within and outside of the BC. But I didn't want to arrive empty handed so, for those who don't know, almost a year ago I reviewed all of the Twilight movies, going into detail … Continue reading The Twilight Collection

All About Me

Hello, are you new to this website or maybe you been here before and you're wondering why the hell I am making a post like this? (Either way is fine with me.) Normally the first post you ever make is explaining who you are and what your goals are with your site, but I'm weird … Continue reading All About Me