The 2010’s: Retrospective Review

Hello everybody, it’s me, The Blog Complainer and welcome to my final post of 2019 slash final post of this decade. Well I guess mathematically speaking 2020 would be the correct end of the decade, but this is the end of the 21st century’s teen years. To celebrate the end of the “decade” I created … Continue reading The 2010’s: Retrospective Review

Horrid Horrors 2019 – Week 2: #Horror

For movie 2 on week 2 we have a movie about cyber-bullying. GONE WRONG! #Horror, (I’m not kidding!) just the title alone should give you a good idea of what the next hour and a half holds. The toxic internet meets a dumb horror movie meets some tweens meets me and you have this review. … Continue reading Horrid Horrors 2019 – Week 2: #Horror