Cobra Kai Seasons 1 & 2 – quite overrated!


I might be a bit late to hop on this band wagon, but oh well! I'm finally up to date on Cobra Kai, that YouTube exclusive series which recently turned into a Netflix Original. It's a continuation of the beloved 80's The Karate Kid movies and if it wasn't for the resurgence it has been … Continue reading Cobra Kai Seasons 1 & 2 – quite overrated!

Bill and Ted Face the Music is a Pretty Fun Riot!

BC & BC Face the Music

It's the second week of September and I'm already up to my fourth post for this month. It feels almost unprecedented, but I guess it's good to finally have some action on this dead site, so thank you Bill and Ted for being one of the four apostles to give the Complainer his groove back! … Continue reading Bill and Ted Face the Music is a Pretty Fun Riot!

Mulan is a Stinker!

Just when I thought I was going to make it through a whole year without any Live action tarnishing of my favourite animated movies, Disney announced their new remake, Mulan, was coming to Disney+, but at a price. Even though I'm quite fortunate that I've had the opportunity to return to the cinema, Disney still … Continue reading Mulan is a Stinker!

The Disneyathon Part 19: The Revival Age

Link to Previous Part: The Disneyathon Part 18: The End of the 2000’s Disney movies This is it, the final Disney era, which is also commonly known as the Revival Age. This era of Disney movies technically started with The Princess and The Frog as it was Disney's first big hit in awhile, but I wanted … Continue reading The Disneyathon Part 19: The Revival Age

Random Movie Roulette 2

Hello everyone, it's me The Blog Complainer and I am back with round 2 of the Random Movie Roulette because I'm find it quite addictive. I recommend checking out the first post if you need an in depth explanation of what this is about, but basically I used this link that has a random number … Continue reading Random Movie Roulette 2

Random Movie Roulette

Hello everyone, it's me, The Blog Complainer. Having a good time? No? Then I have a fun distraction for you. In mid February I discovered a Random Movie Roulette list on Letterboxd. I tried it out and thought this could make a fun post. You use a random number generator to decide what movie you … Continue reading Random Movie Roulette

Pokemon: The First Remake

Welcome to March where movie-wise there is very little to talk about. We could instead talk about some important news like how the coronavirus has caused a toilet paper apocalypse in Australia or that ugly new Batman suit or let’s rant about how important plot points from the Rise of Skywalker, like Palpatine being a … Continue reading Pokemon: The First Remake

The Invisible Man: Like what you can’t see.

My 200th post is not far away and I was thinking of doing another Q&A to mark the occasion. I'm looking for the most strange, fun and weird questions that would make for an entertaining post. Just leave your questions in the comments section of any of my posts and the best ones will be … Continue reading The Invisible Man: Like what you can’t see.

Fantasy Island: Not Worth Visiting!

I had about the same expectations for this as I did for Dolittle. Good news, this isn’t as bad as Dolittle, but that honestly isn’t saying much. I only really decided to see Fantasy Island because the idea of an island that can grant your dream fantasy and then turn it against you sounded quite … Continue reading Fantasy Island: Not Worth Visiting!

Dolittle worse than Cats!

Howdy, it’s me The Blog Complainer and welcome to my review of Dolittle or before they realised they made a terrible movie I think it was going to be called Cats: Reimagined! I had no expectations for this movie as I remember been only mildly entertained by the Eddie Murphy Dr Dolittle back when I … Continue reading Dolittle worse than Cats!