My Hindu Friend: Review

Time flies as we’re already near the end of Jan. I’ve got a few posts to go before we wrap up this month and this one here I have been neglecting to talk about for a while. My Hindu Friend came out just over a week ago and it’s available on numerous platforms (full list … Continue reading My Hindu Friend: Review

1917 – A Technical Masterpiece!

The announcement of the Oscar nominations is not far off and I just checked out another movie that is most worthy of being nominated. I have been excited to see 1917 since it won Best Drama and Best Director for Sam Mendes at the Golden Globes, although I think it also should have won Best … Continue reading 1917 – A Technical Masterpiece!

Cats is The Most Embarrassing Movie of The Year!!!

Cats was a movie I went to see right after Christmas. I paid about $15 of my own money for a ticket to go and watch Cats, so then I would be able to review Cats on The Blog Complainer for all of you to understand what I felt about CATS!! I have been looking … Continue reading Cats is The Most Embarrassing Movie of The Year!!!

The Disneyathon Part 15: Post Disney Renaissance

Link to Previous Part: The Disneyathon Part 14: The End of The Disney Renaissance The Disney Renaissance is behind us and now Disney is in a weird place where animation is changing and everyone is over what made the last decade so good. So this era will probably be a mix of some great to … Continue reading The Disneyathon Part 15: Post Disney Renaissance

Marriage Story is a Masterpiece!

Hello, it’s me, The Blog Complainer and today I’m reviewing a Netflix movie which is something I don’t often do. When I first got Netflix I tried to review every movie that popped up, but after awhile the novelty wore off as most of their films turned out to be really forgettable and not worth … Continue reading Marriage Story is a Masterpiece!