The Disneyathon – Part 9: The Dark Age

Link to previous part: The Disneyathon – Part 8: The Bronze Age Whoopee, another live action musical but this time I have an excuse to put it in the Disneyathon as the animated dragon is in a good chunk of the movie. Also when he touches something it becomes animated too. The magic of cinema! Pete’s … Continue reading The Disneyathon – Part 9: The Dark Age

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – You Could Do Better.

We’re just going to jump straight into this, so X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the biggest snoozefest of 2019. I was never looking forward to watching this movie, but I couldn't have anticipated how bored I would be while watching it. I saw a trailer for that new Fast and the Furious spin-off and man did … Continue reading X-Men: Dark Phoenix – You Could Do Better.

Rocketman is a blast!

The last movie that I decided to watch this month was Rocketman. I had no expectations, which is probably the best way to judge a movie, and I was pleasantly surprised. Before seeing this movie I had Bohemian Rhapsody in mind as from the trailer it looked pretty similar.  In retrospect I was probably too … Continue reading Rocketman is a blast!

Brightburn – a disappointment

I have some advice for anyone reading this review. Don’t ever be excited for anything, ever! Especially with movies that show alot of potential like Glass, The Lego Movie 2, Us, Detective Pikachu, John Wick 3 and just recently Brightburn. So if you’re looking forward to anything, just don’t, or otherwise you might end up a … Continue reading Brightburn – a disappointment

Aladdin a very rotten flick!

Aladdin is finally here!  I’m sure you don’t need to hear my thoughts because you’re going to see it anyway as it’s another Disney movie based on a beloved classic.  All I will do is tell you that it’s garbage and a complete abomination on mankind – do not touch this filthy slimy product! I’m … Continue reading Aladdin a very rotten flick!

Shorty: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

It's the middle of May now and we have John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Another movie I was looking forward to seeing and another movie that found a way to disappoint. This is a direct follow-up to the previous movie as John Wick is on New York’s most wanted. He’s the most famous assassin in the … Continue reading Shorty: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Shorty: Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Pokémon movie number whatever has just come out and the good news is it doesn’t suck. I did have some expectations for this movie as surprisingly, I do have some history with Pokémon. I watched Pokémon: The First Movie a fair amount when I was a kid and I’m quite familiar with the original 151 … Continue reading Shorty: Pokémon Detective Pikachu

The Disneyathon – Part 8: The Bronze Age

Link to Previous Part: The Disneyathon – Part 7: The End of an Era Now we have entered the Bronze Age of Disney animated. With their founding father no longer with them, all they have left are the table scraps of Walt's ideas. It's up to those who remain to make a good piece of entertainment … Continue reading The Disneyathon – Part 8: The Bronze Age

Avengers: Endgame: Spoiler Analysis

It’s been almost a week now and so it's about time we talked some spoilers. If you have seen Endgame trying to avoid spoilers is like walking across a minefield with a group of school children whilst all wearing clown shoes. Now let's focus fully on the plot. I’m going to start from the beginning … Continue reading Avengers: Endgame: Spoiler Analysis

Avengers: Endgame – First Impressions (Spoiler Free)

So, a little indie movie came out today.  It is called Avengers: Endgame and is directed by the Russo Brothers.  It stars every actor on the entire planet as they all come together to defeat evil. It’ll probably make you laugh, make you cry, make you cheer, maybe make you cringe, but it’ll definitely make … Continue reading Avengers: Endgame – First Impressions (Spoiler Free)