Horrid Horrors 2019 – Week 3: Anaconda

After two movies about idiot teens being killed by another teen and an off screen monster I wanted to change it up a notch to dumbass adults being killed by a giant CGI snake. I did have another movie planned for this week, but I saw this pop up on Netflix and I do not … Continue reading Horrid Horrors 2019 – Week 3: Anaconda

Horrid Horrors 2019 – Week 2: #Horror

For movie 2 on week 2 we have a movie about cyber-bullying. GONE WRONG! #Horror, (I’m not kidding!) just the title alone should give you a good idea of what the next hour and a half holds. The toxic internet meets a dumb horror movie meets some tweens meets me and you have this review. … Continue reading Horrid Horrors 2019 – Week 2: #Horror

Horrid Horrors 2019 – Week 1: Satanic

Good evening ladies and gents. Welcome to a brand new series that only happens once a year and it's called Horrid Horrors. (Like the title?  The real horror was trying to come up with the damn thing.) Each week we will look at one terrible horror movie to dissect how insufferable or entertaining it might … Continue reading Horrid Horrors 2019 – Week 1: Satanic

It: Chapter 2 has a big head!!!!

Our first sequel of September is It: Chapter 2. (Why is it called chapter 2 when this is the final movie?) You loved It: Chapter 1 because it had great characters, a great message about facing your fears and most importantly it was can’t turn away scary!!! Well, you’re in for a treat with this … Continue reading It: Chapter 2 has a big head!!!!

The It movies

In 1990 the first adaptation of It was released to the small screen. It wasn’t very well received at the time, but don’t worry it’s now a cult classic and it’s considered to be one of the best adaptations of Stephen King’s books. The 1990 It was a two part special, which had the length … Continue reading The It movies

My Ranking of the First 20 Episodes of Black Mirror

Black Mirror is one of my favourite TV shows in recent memory. Netflix offers a good variety of shows for binge watching but no show on the platform comes close to the complex and disturbing themes that Black Mirror tackles. (Except maybe BoJack Horseman, but that's a story for another day.) I've always wanted to … Continue reading My Ranking of the First 20 Episodes of Black Mirror

Brightburn – a disappointment

I have some advice for anyone reading this review. Don’t ever be excited for anything, ever! Especially with movies that show alot of potential like Glass, The Lego Movie 2, Us, Detective Pikachu, John Wick 3 and just recently Brightburn. So if you’re looking forward to anything, just don’t, or otherwise you might end up a … Continue reading Brightburn – a disappointment

Shorty: Us

The last horror movie for this month is Us. Jordan Peele is back with another weird and unique horror flick that will definitely make you think. In the Watchlist I reviewed his previous movie Get Out which I very much enjoyed and I have been really excited to see what Us had to offer. Us is about … Continue reading Shorty: Us

The Watchlist: Episode 2 -The Horror

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, in tonight's episode we're getting dark and entering the realm of fear and horror, that's the theme we're going for here. We've got three movies for this episode, all of which are from recent memory. It's probably best to mention that all of these movies are pretty dark and have … Continue reading The Watchlist: Episode 2 -The Horror

Shorty: Greta

I just watched Greta because it’s been awhile since I have reviewed a thriller movie. It’s a movie about a young girl who finds a handbag belonging to the title character and they quickly become very close. It’s soon revealed that this woman is quite disturbed and our lead girl tries to unsuccessfully end all … Continue reading Shorty: Greta