Shorty: Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai is the latest movie I have seen. I want a challenge when I watch a movie so give me something I haven't tried before. Hotel Mumbai was certainly a challenge! If you don't already know, this movie is based on the 2008 terrorist attack in the city of Mumbai, but more specifically focusing … Continue reading Shorty: Hotel Mumbai

Why I didn’t like WONDER WOMAN!!!

Introduction: WONDER WOMAN is a pretty terrible movie. Once again it’s made by hack writers who have realised that audiences appreciate some effort being put into their favourite superhero blockbuster cash grabs. I am grateful for their efforts but although some things are better, some things are alot worse. This is the first standalone DC movie … Continue reading Why I didn’t like WONDER WOMAN!!!

First Man – It’s A First!

Guess What Everyone, We Have Another Winner! First Man is about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.  If you didn’t know that then I honestly don’t know why you clicked on this article. It’s the story of how Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on The Moon - one of the most important moments … Continue reading First Man – It’s A First!