The 2022 Crammy Awards

So here we are at the third annual Crammy Awards and I'm your host, yet again, Cameron Black, aka The Blog Complainer. This year's Crammys…

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The 2021 Crammy Awards

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the second annual Crammy award ceremony. I’ll be your host, Cameron also known as The Blog Complainer. We have a lot to get through, including the new film category, so we won’t be wasting any time here and if you want to keep track of the awards and make some predictions of what might win a PDF is available below.

Downloadable Crammys 2021 Nomination List PDF.


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The 2021 Crammys Nominations

It's February so award season has begun. The Golden Globes announced their nominations earlier today, and right now it's the Crammys turn to share its…

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The 2020 Crammy Awards

Al-lo everybody. It's me, The Blog Complainer, with a completely original idea, maybe. Watching TV shows is a lot of work and I was hoping…

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