Random Movie Roulette 2

Hello everyone, it's me The Blog Complainer and I am back with round 2 of the Random Movie Roulette because I'm find it quite addictive. I recommend checking out the first post if you need an in depth explanation of what this is about, but basically I used this link that has a random number … Continue reading Random Movie Roulette 2

Random Movie Roulette

Hello everyone, it's me, The Blog Complainer. Having a good time? No? Then I have a fun distraction for you. In mid February I discovered a Random Movie Roulette list on Letterboxd. I tried it out and thought this could make a fun post. You use a random number generator to decide what movie you … Continue reading Random Movie Roulette

Uncut Gems: one of the best of the last decade.

I swear this will be the final 2019 movie I talk about!  Blame Australia for releasing the best films months after the rest of the world. A24 are renowned for being one of the few studios to consistently release amazing movies year after year. I’ll catch them as they become available to me, but as of … Continue reading Uncut Gems: one of the best of the last decade.

My Hindu Friend: Review

Time flies as we’re already near the end of Jan. I’ve got a few posts to go before we wrap up this month and this one here I have been neglecting to talk about for a while. My Hindu Friend came out just over a week ago and it’s available on numerous platforms (full list … Continue reading My Hindu Friend: Review

Hellboy (2019) Rated R for A Rubbish Reboot!!!

It’s been 11 years and Hellboy has finally returned! Except, this time, something is a bit off! In the most recent episode of the Watchlist I talked about the first two Hellboy movies in preparation for this reboot. I’m glad I watched them first because if I didn’t I would’ve been stuffed!!! Hellboy 2019 is … Continue reading Hellboy (2019) Rated R for A Rubbish Reboot!!!