Shorty: Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai is the latest movie I have seen. I want a challenge when I watch a movie so give me something I haven't tried before. Hotel Mumbai was certainly a challenge! If you don't already know, this movie is based on the 2008 terrorist attack in the city of Mumbai, but more specifically focusing … Continue reading Shorty: Hotel Mumbai

The Watchlist: Episode 2 -The Horror

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, in tonight's episode we're getting dark and entering the realm of fear and horror, that's the theme we're going for here. We've got three movies for this episode, all of which are from recent memory. It's probably best to mention that all of these movies are pretty dark and have … Continue reading The Watchlist: Episode 2 -The Horror

Captain Marvel! Read the Review!! Don’t Watch The Movie!!!

About a month ago I received a comment on my All About Me post asking if I was excited for Captain Marvel? I answered with NO but I also said I’d see it anyway because you have to and people want to know my thoughts. Well, I have seen it now and Captain Marvel absolutely … Continue reading Captain Marvel! Read the Review!! Don’t Watch The Movie!!!

The Disneyathon – Part 5: The Silver Age

Link to Previous Part: The Disneyathon – Part 4: The Package Movies We're now entering The Silver Age of Disney Animated. This is the era where they had enough money to go back to making actual movies and it's the beginning of their climb to the top. We're in the early 1950's now and the war … Continue reading The Disneyathon – Part 5: The Silver Age

Shorty: Greta

I just watched Greta because it’s been awhile since I have reviewed a thriller movie. It’s a movie about a young girl who finds a handbag belonging to the title character and they quickly become very close. It’s soon revealed that this woman is quite disturbed and our lead girl tries to unsuccessfully end all … Continue reading Shorty: Greta

The Watchlist: Episode 1 – Pilot

Oh, hello, I didn't see you come in. Welcome to a brand new series that I have dubbed The Watchlist. If any of you were around in the earlier days of my career you would recall I had a series called The BC's Netflix Watchathon where I talked about three movies that aligned with my … Continue reading The Watchlist: Episode 1 – Pilot

Oscars 2019: My Thoughts

Link to My Predictions: Oscar Nominations: My Thoughts and Predictions We're 55 days into 2019 and the Oscars think 2018 is still relevant! I've already discussed these categories in detail so let's just focus on the results. We'll start with the winners that I'm happy with and then we'll move onto the big disappointments for me … Continue reading Oscars 2019: My Thoughts

Winter is Coming: Game of Thrones Season 4

I have an idea! It may sound a bit ridiculous but just hear me out. So winter lasts for eons or whatever. My plan is to dig a hole in my carpet then smash through the concrete, make the hole large enough to fit my entire body then just cover myself in with snow. You’re … Continue reading Winter is Coming: Game of Thrones Season 4

Shorty: Alita: Battle Angel – Not Special

It’s about time I reviewed another movie. The last one I did was Glass which was almost a month ago now. I have been to the cinema twice since then, to see Escape Room and Clint Eastwood’s The Mule, but neither of those movies compelled me to write a review. Then today I watched Alita: … Continue reading Shorty: Alita: Battle Angel – Not Special

The Twilight Collection

Happy Valentine's Day! I was planning on doing something special for this holiday but unfortunately I've being busy with other projects, both within and outside of the BC. But I didn't want to arrive empty handed so, for those who don't know, almost a year ago I reviewed all of the Twilight movies, going into detail … Continue reading The Twilight Collection