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Better Call Saul: The Final Season – A Fitting End

I’m back at last! I mark my return with a TV show, but this is no ordinary TV show, because this one I really like. Better Call Saul is a near perfect show, though it is a show I can see myself liking even more on a rewatch as now that the show is over, I can properly say I like it more than Breaking Bad. Since this is the final season of the show, there will definitely be spoilers, but towards the end behind the safety of a little dropdown box. Before that I’ll give a quick summary of the show, as I haven’t really discussed Better Call Saul in much detail on the site before, which will then be followed by my thoughts of this most recent season.

It's Better Call Saul
This how it all ended


If you don’t know, Better Call Saul is the prequel/spin-off to Breaking Bad. The show is about struggling lawyer Jimmy McGill and his gradual transformation into the crooked sleezy lawyer Saul Goodman, from Breaking Bad. The show is also about his ever complicated relationship with Kim Wexler, a talented by the book lawyer who perversely enjoys indulging in Jimmy’s schemes. You also have Mike, an old time criminal who we see throughout the series get involved with the likes of the Salamanca’s and Gus Fring, characters who are known for being in Breaking Bad. Jimmy’s transformation into Saul Goodman is slow, but it is a rewarding one and I think because of that it helps make this the most subversive prequel I’ve seen. If you have seen Breaking Bad you already have a rough idea of where Better Call Saul might end up, yet the journey on how he gets there is not what you would expect. This is mainly down to the great writing, that not only improves on Breaking Bad but also adds another layer to that story. Better Call Saul is a very underrated show in comparison to its predecessor despite having its own share of standout moments, great episodes and characters. The characters especially, as some of my favourites are the ones introduced in Better Call Saul, which feels unheard of in a prequel. Howard is great and Nacho too, as he rivals Jesse for the most abused character in fiction, as these guys can never catch a break. Lalo Salamanca might be the best villain in recent memory, because he’s very charming yet at the same time he just as easily comes off as scary. Season 5 of BCS made Kim my favourite, because she’s just as unpredictable as the show, and is someone I can never take my eyes off.

Season 6 of Better Call Saul, unlike previous  seasons, is made up of 13 episodes with two distinct halves. The first half focuses on the aftermath of season 5 with Jimmy and Kim ganging up on Howard and the looming threat of Lalo hanging over Gus’s empire. Whilst the second half focuses more on the post BCS and Breaking Bad timeline of following Jimmy under his alias as Cinnabon manager Gene. That’s as much as I’ll share in regards to plot until the spoiler portion. Everything I said in the previous paragraph in regards to the writing is still valid here. Although the second half is the biggest shift in the series as we have finally gotten to Breaking Bad times and beyond, which was a change I initially was hesitant to accept. I was so used to the slow pace that it felt really jarring when we were suddenly in another period of time. I did get used to the change and it really didn’t bother me afterwards as I had faith that the writers would give me something awesome and they did just that. The ending to Better Call Saul absolutely delivers, giving us a solid yet fitting conclusion. (A thing that feels quite rare for TV shows.) One final thing I want to mention is the underrated acting as it’s overlooked by major award shows like the Emmys. The acting in Better Call Saul is a sight to behold, from the main cast of characters and even including the supporting players.

Jimmy and Kim
Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn killing it as Saul Goodman and Kim Wexler.


Overall I don’t really have much to complain about this final season as it’s quite minute. It’s really solid engaging television, that you’re going to hate reaching the end of, because it’s that damn good! Not sure if it’s as great as season 5, but it might have a shot as I’m definitely going to rewatch the entire series at some point. I feel no need to specify if I’m recommending this show or not, but click the dropdown box below if you like some spoilers, otherwise I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out.

5 - Watch As Soon As Possible
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