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I finally got around to seeing Morbius, the newest non-MCU movie. This is only because Sony still own the rights to Spider-Man, and Morbius is another one of his rogues they believe could potentially spawn a franchise, like they’ve done already with Venom. It was a coin toss between this and Sonic 2, and Morbius only won because I was curious about the hate this movie has been getting. After seeing Morbius, I can confirm that I don’t fully agree with the hate this movie is getting, but I am in favour enough that I know I would have had a better time with Sonic.

Blood Hand
Oh no blood look away!


I wasn’t as familiar with Morbius as I am with other Spider-Man villains, but watching has convinced me that I’ve seen enough. Morbius’ biggest fault is it’s one of the most boring forgettable superhero movies ever made. It’s a paint-by-numbers, uninspired superhero factory movie that has upset the entire internet for some reason. Morbius is apparently the lowest rated Spider-Man movie on Rotten Tomatoes, so that means people favour the absolute mess of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or any of the cringey Venom movies over this. I understand that they would be much more interesting to discuss than Morbius, which is too bland and safe to spark an engaging conversation and for that reason it’s definitely not as bad as some of Sony’s previous efforts. Worst superhero movie in recent memory, I think is too high of a title for Morbius to live up to.

To steer my focus back to the movie itself, I’m just going to discuss on the positives, because that sounds a bit more constructive. I don’t really get the hate for Jared Leto as our title character as I thought he was pretty good in the role. It could be better, but I mainly blame the bad writing for his character that is a real restraint on his performance. Dr. Morbius is another Eddie Brock, generic good guy who is stuck with something that makes him sort of evil, which he can’t stand for as much as Sony not wanting to give us a proper anti-hero. The only other noteworthy character was whoever that Doctor Who actor played. He’s pretty fun in the movie, but again this movie is not cool enough to let him go loose. This movie plays out mostly as a horror movie, and the scenes that embraced that, I actually quite liked, along with the action scenes where Morbius goes into berserk mode are fun to watch. While these scenes look quite graphic and dark, don’t worry it’s mostly implied because Sony still want kids to see this, because they seriously have no faith this would sell at an R rating. It’s not all dark and gloomy as there are moments of light with some really terrible forced comedy, that seriously felt like they were added in later, after they realised it was too dark.

Spoiler Paragraph Ahead!

If you watch the MCU, then Sony wants you to be excited for this. The big surprise is Michael Keaton is in the movie playing the character he plays in the MCU and if you saw the trailer you already knew this was coming, because honestly screw surprises in movies, am I right? I only mention this, not because I care where this is going, but because it helped me realise how bad these Sony Marvel movies are. It’s very consistent that these Sony Marvel movies are a complete waste of time, except for the final two minutes where they tease that something interesting will happen in the next movie. Then the next movie comes out and it turns out it’s much of the same, or it just totally doesn’t deliver on the tease. Maybe Morbius’ tease will break the chain, but I don’t know while watching that final scene, I was just wishing I got to see more of Michael Keaton. (Then again, Michael Keaton is probably too much for this movie.)

Spoiler Paragraph has Ended!

The most memorable shot in the entire movie.


Morbius doesn’t deserve the hate it’s getting, because it doesn’t deserve the attention in the first place. I was debating between a 2 or 1, as while I don’t think it’s truly awful, but at the same time I don’t think anyone should waste their money on this and the 1 rating sums up my thoughts better. There are too many superheroes to go around, and Sony’s Morbius isn’t one you need to see. That’s it from me, I’m going to find something more interesting to write about so I can distance myself from this movie.

1 - Don't bother with this one
1 – Can’t sell an entire movie on a just an end-credit tease.

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