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The Oscars 2022: My Thoughts

I said I was going to review this year’s Oscar ceremony, so here we are. I’m going to get straight to the point with this one, as this is the Oscars and I don’t care.

The 94th Academy Awards is probably the most standard Oscars ceremony, that I’ve seen. This is a compliment, by the way, as believe they had to make up for last year’s embarrassing shit show. Like other years, the 94th Oscars is still too long, most of the jokes are really unfunny and they’re still forcing in their preachy agendas. Although their worst crime is they’re so predictable and safe with their winning choices. I didn’t really put too much thought into my predictions this year, but I didn’t expect I would get almost 90% of them right. Honestly, the only award where I got a real shock was seeing Jessica Chastain win Best Actress for The Eyes of Tammy Faye. This is only because I was so dead certain that Kristen Stewart was going to win for Spencer, that I couldn’t imagine anyone else winning. The only other one that was close to the same shock was Best Original Song to No Time to Die. No Time to Die was my second and preferred choice, but I was once again sure that Encanto was going to take it.

That’s about all I have to say about these winners as their very inoffensive to me. Except I did mention Belfast for Original Screenplay in that predictions post, but I should clarify I only disagree with some of the writing choices, otherwise it’s decent stuff. I guess it was nice to see CODA sweep the three categories it was nominated for. I’m actually happy this won Best Picture, as I said before it’s a very Oscar destined movie, and it was really good at that. Although it’s a shame that this is the second year in a row where the big female-made movie is completely overshadowed by some really stupid moment. While this year it isn’t directly the Oscars’ fault, it was still broadcasted on their show and it’ll be the only thing you’re going to remember from yesterday’s show and the only thing you’re going to talk about for the rest of this week. Will Smith hitting Chris Rock on live television, because of a mild joke, targeted at his wife, is a strange magical moment, that will never leave your mind. It’s what Will Smith shouts to Chris Rock afterward that has stuck with me, as you can tell in his words that he’s not mucking around, and what just happened is 100% real. Just so you know I watched this on the Australian broadcast, which didn’t censor any of the f-bombs Will Smith dropped, which only added to unnerved feeling I had. So now I know what it’s like to feel intimidated by Will freaking Smith, didn’t think that would ever happen, and to be honest he gave a better performance here than whatever he did in King Richard. Oh yeah, he also won Best Actor, and he gave an emotional speech about protecting his family, which has a newfound meaning thanks to this show, as to what lengths he might go to accomplish that.

Will Beats the Rock
Will Beats the Rock


What else happened? Oh yeah, Zack Snyder swept the stupid fan chosen Oscar categories. I didn’t really understand how these Oscars were going to be handed out, like who gets the credit for creating an Oscars Cheer Moment? Not that it matters because Zack Snyder wasn’t even there to receive his award, nor was anyone handing out awards for these categories. They were a total waste of time and were only there to draw in the blockbuster junkies. I guess it worked, as the ratings did a lot better this year, but I have a feeling that was a whole other reason.  I should mention that I didn’t experience any of the categories being completely removed in my broadcast. The ones they must have filmed for the preshow, were very abrupt, as there was no presenter to announce the category, and whoever won got to speak for about 50 seconds, but otherwise I got to experience everything, which was a surprise. Those were the main points, I could go on, but I don’t want to.

I do have one final point for improving the Oscars. Stop airing it on normal TV, and move it on to Disney+, already! Disney is already endorsing this show, so why not put it on their service where more people will watch it, and you’ll also have the benefits of not having to restrain yourself to a TV format. This would improve the length of the show as you’ll no longer have to halt to the show for ad breaks. (I can’t stand those, and it’s legit the only reason I bring this up!) I guess the only problem would be people will criticize Disney for giving themselves Oscars, but I don’t really see that as an issue, as they basically do that already.

Woo Hoo! No more Oscars till next year, so this has been The Blog Complainer signing out.

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