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The 2022 Crammy Awards

So here we are at the third annual Crammy Awards and I’m your host, yet again, Cameron Black, aka The Blog Complainer. This year’s Crammys will be very different to the two previous years, as there will be no nominees for the categories (which is why there was no nomination post this year), but rather just a winner and the reason why. I did this because I want to usher in some new categories that will highlight specific moments, performances and scenes in films and shows. Deep down in my subconscious I know the main reason why I got rid of having nominees, is because it’s a tedious task to think of 5 possible winners for 20 different awards. I’ve back at Uni now, I don’t need this in back of my mind for another year.

One final note is like last year all the awards will be hidden under a little dropdown box, but what’s different is in order to explain some of these awards I’m going to have to spoil some things. You’ll still be able to see what won, but in case you don’t want a particular movie or show spoiled, there will be a little warning ahead of time.

The Crammy TV Awards

Best Season Premiere

Our first award was kind of tough. A fair amount of the shows I watched last year had pretty strong openers. In order to root out a winner, I based this award on the show that had the most memorable first episode and was able to have me hooked within that episode.

Best Season Finale

A hard one because pretty much all of the shows I watched had some of the worst conclusions for a season I’ve ever seen, however by the end of the year I did find one series that not only really impressed me, but actually excited me enough to want to see more.

Best Opening Theme

Most Underappreciated TV Performance

Most Entertaining TV Performance

Best Supporting TV Performance

Best Dramatic TV Performance

Best TV Character Pairing

Best TV Scene

Best TV Show

Now for the final TV award, and I bet you’re all going to love this one.

The Crammy Movie Awards

Onto the film awards!

Best Opening to a Film

Best Ending to a Film

Best Song

Most Underappreciated Film Performance

Most Entertaining Film Performance

Best Supporting Film Performance

Best Dramatic Film Performance

Best Film Character Pairing

Best Scene in a Film

Finally the last award. I went with Best Directed Film for my finale, because I didn’t want to rehash the best film again, which can already be seen in the best movies of 2021 list. It might not be the grandest finale ever, but when you’re changing things up, you’ll learn to refine things later.

Best Directed Film

How about that the end of another Crammys. Hopefully my next post doesn’t take a month to create. Thanks for your patience and I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out.

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