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The Kissing Booth 3 is The Best One because It’s The Last One!

Crap, I forgot they were making another one of these garbage Kissing Booth movies. Alright, we know the drill by now.

Joey King, Jacob Elordi and the other guy return for another ride of melodrama and cringe inducing humour in The Kissing Booth 3. This time school is out and they’re enjoying the summer holidays while they wait for Uni to start. Uh-oh, Joey King still has the difficult decision of choosing which hunky boy to follow to which school. Lies and deception ensue because this dumb chick still hasn’t learned anything from the last two movies.

I’m not sure what I can write that hasn’t already being covered in my reviews for the other two Kissing Booth movies. It’s the summer break, which just instantly reminds me of a similar better third movie in a franchise. They do some pretty fun stuff with that premise, but that’s mainly set dressing for the melodrama of the epic love triangle/square. The main thing I took away from this movie is that it reminded me of how unlikable everyone is, especially the main character who I have really grown to despise.

That being said, on the bright side this will be the last time we’ll have to put up with these jackasses because it turns out this is the tail end of a trilogy. The redeeming part of this movie is the ending for The Kissing Booth. No spoilers or anything, but it took me off guard how maturely this trilogy wrapped up, especially for a series that felt like it was written for babies for the majority of it’s run.

Overall Kissing Booth 3 I think is as pandering and dumb as the other two, but the bittersweet taste it left in my mouth has resulted in this being my favourite of this trilogy. I still have no interest in ever seeing this series again, but hey, if it counts for something it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

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Next on the agenda is the winner of poll I brought up in last week’s post. The winner was Michael Bay’s Transformers series, which I’m very much looking forward to revisiting. Expect a review for the first Transformers movie in roughly fortnight’s time because I still need time to figure out how to fit this in with the Uni commitments. So until then I have being The Blog Complainer, signing out.

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