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The Blog Complainer – August 2021 Update

Hello, this is The Blog Complainer with a report on what’s likely to happen on this site from now until the end of the year.

So before releasing yesterday’s post I quietly gave myself a break from the BC while I sorted out my new life arrangements. That being said, for the past two weeks I’ve been a full time Uni student, and it has kept me fully occupied in that time. Last weekend I wished I could’ve ripped on Jungle Cruise but I got wrapped up in study so unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Now that I’m a bit more settled in my course I did make the time for The Suicide Squad because I really wanted to see it.

So the new release reviews will continue on, for now, but what will stop is the Disneyathon: Direct to Blog series. I did say I would revitalise the Direct to Blog Series again around this time, but I’ll have to rethink how I release those posts because one review a week would create unnecessary stress at this point in time.

In the meantime I’ve created an alternate solution that should keep everyone pleased while I’m studying at Uni. So far on this site my reviews of non-current movies consist of mainly Disney, occasional horror and family movies from the 2000’s. To loosely keep the same theme of those previous reviews this time I was thinking I would like to tackle something more action oriented with the scale of a epic blockbuster. The best I could come up with is the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the Michael Bay Transformer movies. The order of which series we’ll start with will be decided by a poll I’ll link to on Facebook & Twitter and whichever one loses I’ll review at a later date. That’ll be one movie at time roughly within a fortnightly radius.

As for my revamped book on Patty Vat Cupcake, production on that has been on a slow crawl for the last two months. The goal was to try and finish it before I started studying, but unfortunately I lost focused on that target and I’m going to have to jumpstart the energy to hopefully wrap up production before the end of the year.

Anyway, that’s all the major news I have to share. The only other thing I can think of, is if you didn’t already know, three weeks ago I wrote brief reviews for M Night’s new movie Old & that G.I Joe prequel movie on Letterboxd. I do that sometimes on there so if you’re interested then follow me there. That’s your Blog Complainer plug for the year, you’re welcome.

I’ve written enough now, so Blog Complainer signing out.

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