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The Suicide Squad (2021) is Excellent!

Alrighty, I’m back with a review for a new DCEU movie, The Suicide Squad. A gold medalist, not only for the worst possible name you could ever give a sequel, but also for being the best movie to come out of the DCEU. Not that I saw this coming as it was directed by James Gunn of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and now the one to give The Suicide Squad a second chance at life.

The line up of the ever expendable Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is reborn with an R rating and since the DCEU have a pretty bad track record when it comes to consistency between movies it was a smart call for Warner Bros. to just let James Gunn go wild. It really paid off as it’s way less held back than his Guardians movies, thus making this a far superior film. The film also works sort of as a reboot to the 2016 Suicide Squad. So thanks to this sequel now you have literally no reason to ever check out that rubbish first movie. Not only is it an actual a good movie, but it also does a much better job at introducing you to The Suicide Squad and how they operate. DC is only great now because they really know how to crap on their previous bad efforts.

A major plus for this movie is an entirely new taskforce of villains that have to complete a dangerous mission under the eyes of the government. The main character is Idris Elba’s Bloodsport who is basically a do-over of the character Will Smith played in the last movie, but the quality between the two is light and day, similar to the movies themselves. He’s backed up by a bunch of jokers, some of whom are capped off right away and some stick around for the entire movie. I guess it’s good for building tension, but it’s also a real disappointment as there are some very memorable fun characters here that I wish I could have seen more of. Whatever, some of my favourites that I did grow attached to include the guy who can telepathically rips off his arms and uses them as bats to slap people. I also enjoyed the traumatised man covered in polka-dots, DC’s Disney Princess was quite a surprise and the guy Michael Rooker played because he’s played by Michael Rooker. Yes, I also like the big lovable terrifying shark man, who is basically DC’s Groot, but I’m not complaining because he’s voiced by Sly.

Some familiar faces from the first movie return such as soldier man Rick Flag, who takes a complete 180 from that blank slate he was last time. The ice bitch, Amanda Waller, is back and who is enjoyably detestable and played wonderfully by Viola Davis. All the characters in this film are very solid except for some of the side characters, the throwaway villains and Harley Quinn. To be honest, Harley seemed out of place in this movie as she spends most of the time doing her own thing until the plot forces her to reunite with the squad that she doesn’t even know and they don’t know her. She felt shoe horned into this movie, because she was the beloved character from the first movie. It’s a shame to as this is definitely Margot Robbie’s best performance as this character thus far.

Harley Wick
Sorry Harley, it had to be said, but your big action scene was pretty cool though.


This film is also the most entertainingly comedic superhero movie since The Lego Batman Movie. The comedy is excellent from the great character banter, creative action scenes and satisfyingly cartoony gore. It also has a bopping soundtrack that plays songs for longer than 15 seconds, unlike another movie I know. The CGI elements blend in perfectly with the colourful world Gunn has created.

I guess for superhero plots it isn’t too original, and most of the big surprises are given away in the trailers because what isn’t these days. For what it’s worth, this is the best superhero movie in quite some time as not only did it keep my interest from beginning to end, but I also love it for making the superhero market a little less stale. Unfortunately it doesn’t live up to the epic proportions of Space Jam: A New Legacy, but nonetheless I am looking forward to watching this movie again when I get it on Blu-Ray.

An update post for The Blog Complainer is coming out tomorrow. Until then I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out.

5 - Drop Everything to See
5 – Drop Everything to See

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  1. K at the Movies

    Nice, I just got done watching it. I’m conflicted as I agree with you on a lot of things that the soundtrack was solid and it was fun seeing comic accurate portrayals of zany characters with some creative visuals.

    I don’t know, I just find that the characters just feel expendable and the plot is sort of just there. It’s everything a Suicide Squad flick should be I just the humor of either take the piss out of something or be crude and edgy constantly gets a little tiresome by the end of it.

    All in all I’ve seen worse, it definitely beats the first one and solid review so thank you. Look forward to whatever updates you may have.

  2. Cameron Black

    Fair enough, I remember hearing some people say similar stuff about the humour for the last Guardians movie. I guess for me the awfulness of the first movie really help make it so much easier to give this new Suicide Squad so much love.

    Also thanks for the comment K.

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