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Loki – An Overhyped Show

I realised I haven’t reviewed a TV show in a while so let’s discuss the latest fad. The new Disney+ exclusive series, Loki, is a show that’s going to be tricky to write about because of the super tight spoiler minefield surrounding this show. I’ll just do what I did for WandaVision. I’ll split this post up into a vague general thoughts section and a spoiler section hidden underneath the rating. Lastly, before you ask, I didn’t review Falcon and the Winter Soldier, simply because it bored me to the point of not wanting to finish it. That’s of course until only a week ago where I wanted to wrap it up in preparation for Loki. I’m glad I did, because it wasn’t too bad in the end, but it’s still the worst MCU Disney+ show.

Loki Confused

Anyway, this new show focuses on Loki, the original greatest villain in the MCU, until some giant purple guy literally murdered him for the mantle. Since Tom Hiddleston is still ever so charismatic as this character, Marvel decided we needed to follow an alternate version of Loki, which is a big red flag for me. I originally wasn’t going to watch this show because the whole premise is fixated on alternate timelines, which I’m not a real fan of. You’re just very fortunate that lots of praise and strong recommendations is all that’s needed for me to try something out. Anyway, I’ll explore this a bit more in the spoiler portion of this post, so for now we’ll swing back to the premise.

During Avengers Endgame when Loki 2 grabbed the Infinity cube he apparently upset the space-time continuum so he’s quickly apprehended by the time police. This time law enforcing agency work outside of the main timeline and monitor it from their green secret space office building. Loki, the ‘Time Variant‘, was intended to be erased in order to restore the timeline until he’s saved at the last minute by time detective Owen Wilson who has other intentions for him. I’ll say no more about this plot, but I will conclude this paragraph with how strange it was to see Owen Wilson in a modern show. It’s the same feeling I had when I saw Vince Vaughn in that horror movie I reviewed last year.

Despite my initial hesitation for this show, I would say it was better than expected. The first two episodes in particular did an excellent job at reeling you into this time police station and some of the mysteries it develops. Like the other Marvel shows it gives extended development to it’s title characters from the movies, even if Loki still had the most out of all those characters up to this point. The big surprise from this Marvel show is that the main character wasn’t the only one holding my interest for once. For example I very much enjoyed Owen Wilson in this show and he had the best chemistry with Loki out of all the other characters. I would even call this a negative because once Loki ran off with other characters I found myself significantly less interested as the show started to feel like one of the more generic Marvel movies. I’ll share more details in the spoiler section, but the baseline is the ending did not at all excite me for a possible continuation of this story.

Loki Worried

Overall Loki was an alright show. Disney+ products are overhyped, it’s a fact and it kills the view experience. I’ll give it credit for being well made and I guess it’s unique for a Marvel show. I would say WandaVision is better, mainly because it’s got way more personality in how the episodes are presented. That’s it, the next review you can expect from me is for the new Space Jam movie and I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out, unless you’re going to be reading the spoiler section, then I’ll see you there.

3 - No Need in Rushing to See This
3 – No Need in Rushing to See This




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