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The Disneyathon: The Direct to Blog Sequel – Part 7: An Extremely Goofy Movie

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Here we are at the start of a new century of Disney Direct to Video sequels. In honour of that I’ve decided to call them Disney Direct to DVD sequels from now on because it’s my blog and DVDs are my life! 2000 gave us the sequel to A Goofy Movie called An Extremely Goofy Movie. 10/10 for the most creative title we’ll get in this entire series.

Goofy is a College Man!
Yep, he’s back ladies and gents


In An Extremely Goofy Movie the film immediately tells you it’s not going to be acknowledging any of the events that happened in the previous movie. The writers had to completely re-set Goofy and Max in order to redo the bonding and lessons they learned from the previous movie. This also involved removing Max’s girlfriend and getting rid of Goofy and Max’s lawsuits should have got from intruding that Michael Jackson dog guy’s concert.

With that out of the way the gist is that Max and his pals are going to college, which upsets Goofy because he’s going to miss his baby boy. Max’s absence affects Goofy so much that he gets fired from his job and he has no choice but to get a college degree.  Really, is that his only option? There’s also a skateboarding competition that Max and his buddies join and Goofy eventually joins too, so some wacky shenanigans ensue.

This should be short as the only way to sum up Goofy Movie 2: Extreme Edition is if you liked the first movie then you’re going to like this one too. It’s fun, it’s got some not too bad jokes and slapstick. It also has heart, so yeah, this is the first solid follow-up we have had so far.

What this sequel changes up, is that most of the film takes place at a college campus instead of on the road. There are actual villains in this one too, which I guess is kind of neat. Max is sidelined somewhat so Goofy carries the whole movie on his lanky shoulders. I love this because Goofy is such a lovable character and also Max is way more annoying than I remember, so the less we see of him the better. Goofy is funny and carries all the emotional baggage. There’s a very touching scene where Goofy is in Max’s empty room, just looking at his old childhood toy. It’s a first for this Direct to Blog Series, for me to feel some genuine emotion. On the bright side, Goofy gets a girlfriend and it is just cute. They also share the best scene in the movie where they shake their groove thing on the disco floor in front of all the clueless young kids. Love it!

Shake Your Groove Thing with Goofy and his miss
The Best Disney Direct to DVD sequel couple thus far.


I do have negatives, some of which I have already expressed in this post, but the rest is very minor. After all the complaining I did last week, I’m feeling generous and letting An Extremely Goofy Movie off this time. It’s about as enjoyable as the first, filled with that incredibly dated 90’s charm. I’ll need to watch this and A Goofy Movie back to back to decide which one I prefer, but overall they’re good movies to watch on a Saturday night with the whole family.

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4 - Watch Whenever You Can
4 – Watch Whenever you can

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