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An Important Patty Vat Cupcake Update

Hello, Cameron/Blog Complainer here with a much needed update on the book that I’m publishing in the near future. First thing I want to mention is by the time this post is up it’ll be April Fool’s Day, and it’ll also be Patty’s first birthday, which I’m still wrapping my head around. Where did that time go? Either way, any first anniversary compliments would be greatly appreciated.

In my last update I mentioned I was re-evaluating all the pages until I was happy to give each the thumbs up. That was 2 months ago now so what has progressed since then?

Unfortunately I’m still not close to actually publishing it, but this time I do have something to show. I still have a fair amount of tidy-up work on all the images to go. I’m not making any promises but my goal is that by mid May I’m going to try to be close to wrapping up this book and possibly planning an official release date. To wrap this up below this paragraph are three close to finished revamped photos compared to the one year old originals. So enjoy the teaser, Cameron signing out.

Scenes 2

Scenes 11

Scenes 14

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