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The 2021 Crammy Awards

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the second annual Crammy award ceremony. I’ll be your host, Cameron also known as The Blog Complainer. We have a lot to get through, including the new film category, so we won’t be wasting any time here and if you want to keep track of the awards and make some predictions of what might win a PDF is available below.

Downloadable Crammys 2021 Nomination List PDF.

The Crammys Television Awards

TV Supporting Actor

Our first award in this grand showcase is Best Supporting Actor for television. Before clicking the button below this has got to deserve a drum roll!

Best Newbies

Next is the new shows from last year that I just happened to see.

Best New Shows I've Discovered

Now come the not so new shows that I finally got around to watching in 2020.

Best Continuation of a Show

Now we have the shows that competed in last year’s Crammys, but this award is based on if they have improved since then.

Now for the nominees for Best Supporting Actress from your favourite streaming services.

So now we have the best soundtrack or score on TV.

TV Attractive Show

Now to award the show that looks better than the rest.

Best Writing

Now for the show with the Best Writing.

TV Actor

Returning to the actor awards, here is the Best Actor on television

TV Actress

The Best Actress on television was always going to be one particularly special lady, so hurry up and click the thing so I can explain myself.

Best Episode

Next is the best produced single episode of 2020.

Finally the Best Television Show of 2020.

The Crammys Film Awards

Movie Supporting Actor

To start off the film awards we need to once again look at what I think were the Best Supporting Actors of the previous year.

Movie Soundtrack

Up next is the film with the Best Soundtrack or Score.

Here is the Most Attractive Movie of last year.

Best Screenplay

Following that is Best Screenplay.

Movie Supporting Actress

Now here are the Best Supporting Actresses in film.

Best Blockbuster

Hooray, it’s The Best Blockbuster Award.

Best Animated Movie

Now it’s the Best Animated Movie of the year award.

Film Actor

Returning to the actor categories is the Best Actor in film.

Film Actress

The final acting award is Best Actress in film.

Best Director

Here we are at the second last award and that’s for Best Director.

Best Picture

At last we have reached the final award for this year’s Crammys. So what will be the first film to ever receive a Crammy for Best Film? Click the button and find out…

That’s the end of another year for The Crammys.  Congratulations are in order to all the winners and nominees and also to you for making it to the end of this long post. Soon I hope to start writing up some reviews for 2021’s movies, but tying up lose ends with a certain book will still be higher priority until then. I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out.

Cameron Black

I review stuff and hate on everything you ever loved. But I’m still a super nice guy and make pretty entertaining content.

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