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The 2021 Crammys Nominations

It’s February so award season has begun. The Golden Globes announced their nominations earlier today, and right now it’s the Crammys turn to share its 2021 nominations. At Crammys HQ we have come up with a prestigious list of shows and this year we also have a movie section. These nominees will likely differ to other award shows, mainly as most of the shows and movies they tend to like rarely ever interest me, and also where I live some films are held off for award season so there was was no chance of me catching those before I made this. Snubs are inevitable and you’re free to share your frustrations in the comments.

Anyway this year’s Crammys ceremony will be held at, it’ll be hosted by The Blog Complainer and will take place sometime on the 14th of February. There are a lot of images in this post so if some of them don’t load or if you have pictures turned off on your browser then there is a PDF that shows the full nomination listing in the order it’ll be presented on the day and I also clarify some categories in case it’s not clear in the images.

Downloadable Crammys 2021 Nomination List PDF.

We shall begin with announcing the brand new categories for Television and they go as follows:

Best Shows I've Discovered & Continuation of a Show

Let’s follow up these great new categories with some old ones.

Best Soundtrack/Score, Most Attractive Show & Best Writing

Up next is this year’s Actor nominees.

TV Best Supporting Actor & Actress

Actors and Actresses

Finally we have Best Episode and Best Television Show.

Best Episode

That’s this year’s Television nominations so now I’d like to introduce you to The Crammys first ever movie nominees and they go as follows:

Best Soundtrack, Attractive and Screenplay

More acting categories.

Best Actor & Actress

Finally the last two film categories, Best Director & Best Film.

Best Director

Best Picture

That’s all the nominations, so stay tuned for just over a week when the award ceremony will take place. I am aware I have covered some of these movies before and made lists about which ones I prefer over the other, but you never know I might have a few tricks up my sleeve. Thanks for checking out the post and we’ll meet again for the actual ceremony, Blog Complainer out.

Full listings: Downloadable Crammys 2021 Nomination List PDF.

Award Ceremony – 14/02/2021: (Link Coming Soon)

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