You are currently viewing A Patty Vat Cupcake Update & an update for other stuff.

A Patty Vat Cupcake Update & an update for other stuff.

Hello and welcome to this long overdue post explaining where I’ve been for the last fortnight. I have being holding back on saying what I’ve been up to because I wanted to wait until I had something to show off, but which unfortunately I still don’t!

The original Patty Vat Cupcake book had 24 pages and right now I’m just over halfway through revamping those pages. This might not sound like a big deal, but how I work is I go from top to bottom of each page with a fine-tooth comb, re-colouring as required to make the pictures really pop! Depending on what’s going on in the picture it can take a day or two before I’m satisfied with it and only then do I move on to the next page. As I said last time, I’m a picky person so I’ve just begun to re-evaluate each of the pictures again to make sure they are super perfect!! In the end it’s another necessary step in the long journey of publishing this first book and the goal is to hopefully have everything almost finished by mid to late February. That of course, is a rough estimate, considering I said last month it would all be done by this time last week. I guess I forgot to allow for a well earned Christmas break and that I would also want to make posts on movies and lists that always come out after Christmas, which have all ultimately delayed the Patty Vat Cupcake production. In the end, if I’m still nowhere near my designated target goal in a month’s time, I guess we can go through this routine again!

We’ll get there, so because of that The Blog Complainer stuff will be put on hold once again. The only project I currently have in mind for this site is the 2021 Crammy Awards. This is an award show I created last year and will do again, except this time there will be TV and Movie related awards and a nomination announcement post. All of that will probably be next month so stay tuned.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that just for the hell of it I created a list cataloguing every movie from 2019 and backwards that I finally got around to watching thanks to 2020. If you’re interested in checking that out, click here.

That’s it, thanks for your patience, hopefully in a month’s time I’ll have something to show. Better get back to the grindstone! Cameron out.


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