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I’m going to self publish Patty Vat Cupcake

Hello everyone, it’s me, The Blog Complainer. Sorry I’ve been quite inactive on this site recently but there is a very good reason for that. I’ve put The Blog Complainer obligations to the side for the moment in favour of focusing on a revamped edition of my Patty Vat Cupcake story, because I want to self publish it on Amazon in the near future.

This is a pretty big decision for me as my true passion is to tell my own stories and hopefully one day I’ll be able to make a living off it. In the meantime, talking and complaining about movies and TV shows has been a pretty fun pastime. I have been creating stories for friends, family and school mates for about 10 years now. Who would have thought the first thing I would ever push forward to publish into an actual book is this weird colourful story about a bubbly cupcake woman who is an internet celebrity and whose audience is made of living breathing turd people. Yep, that’s my story, kids!

If you don’t know what Patty Vat Cupcake is well … I document the dramatically true story of cupcake internet influencer Patty Vat Cupcake as she helps out the meek Puddle Muddle spread the awareness of the deadly Gummy Craze that is going to spread across the world. It’s framed like a typical children’s book or an episode of Sesame Street or Thomas the Tank Engine, but with some twists!! So beware, my Patty isn’t just for young children, or maybe not at all, I’ll leave that to the parents to decide. That’s the gist of my story, if you want to read the original version that’s already on this site then click here.

I did mention earlier I’m working on a revamped Patty Vat Cupcake and why is that? I originally created all the illustrations in Adobe Photoshop and in retrospect, whilst I like how all the drawings came out, I know I can do better. I was on a strict deadline with that original post so there are so many imperfections on each picture that I did not have the time to fix, and plus I was using Photoshop, which now I realise probably wasn’t made for what I was doing. I am an awfully picky person, especially when it comes to my own work, which so far I believe I’m rectifying on Affinity Designer.

Affinity has been very useful for covering up my shortcomings on Photoshop. Yesterday I was working on the scene where the cold business man, Neraious Jault, is walking down the middle of his sterile office. Creating this in Photoshop wasn’t easy, especially when came to creating all those desks!!! The new version on the other hand, while still a work in progress, is very much improved thanks to Affinity. If you look carefully you can tell that I removed the colouring gaps and I have improved the outlines of the floor, desks and walls. I guess the other obvious change is the posters are bigger and there is a second storey. This is just one example and I intend to improve and change-up the look of every scene in this story.

Original Jault v Revamped Jault

Another thing that I was considering, to add some more bang for your buck, is adding some brand new never seen before illustrations, that aren’t in the original story, because I never thought of drawing them. At the moment there will only be two new scenes, as I still want to keep it short, like any other picture book. Oh yeah, this thing is going to cost some money, which I have never asked from anyone who visits my site. I’ll come up with a price when I have a release date.

That’s about all I can think of right now. The goal was to announce that Patty Vat Cupcake is going to be published on Amazon. Spreading the word around, letting others know about this new book would be highly appreciated right now. I reckon sometime after Christmas will be the time I can announce a release date, so stay tuned for that. Unfortunately my inactivity on this site will continue until the end of the year and might even leak over into 2021, however I do intend to review the entire second season of The Mandalorian when that final episode comes out next week. So I have been Cameron Black, The Blog Complainer, signing out.

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  1. The Animation Commendation

    Ooh exciting! I’m working on a book too, so I know the feeling. All the best w/self-publishing!

  2. Cameron Black

    Thanks! Good luck with yours as well.

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