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Survive The Night: A Bruce Willis Blunder

Well I’m a man of my word and as I said in my last post I have dropped in a couple of bucks to rent some brand new movies to get me back into the groove. We’re starting off with a movie that came out a few weeks ago called Survive The Night. I probably should have picked a better starter movie, but this has 22% on Rotten Tomatoes so this should be good.

The story starts off with these two crooks celebrating that they have a load of cash and are ready to bail for Mexico, but after the most action packed shootout ever at a gas station one of the brothers is wounded and needs a doctor. Luckily one of the brothers eavesdropped on a conversation of a doctor “who can save people” and who lives out in the middle of nowhere with his family. The two bros follow the doc home and now hold his wife, his daughter and his Bruce Willis at gunpoint. That’s our movie and boy it’s not as much fun as I make it out to be.


Before the two crooks showed up the movie focused on the doctor’s family and they try really hard, but fail, to get you interested in the lives of these people. It’s just people yapping on about their entire lives all in the span of 10 minutes. It’s so boring, and by the time the crooks show up I have been reminded enough times that I’ll never forget the main character is a doctor with a sketchy past.

It doesn’t get any better when the brothers show up and it’s just a series of scenes of people standing or sitting around until the movie ends. I couldn’t get into this, it was such a drag and awfully predictable. It doesn’t help that every character is really stupid, especially in the main family where they had so many opportunities where they could have taken the upper hand over the big brother but they keep blowing it. The two crooks are the same as all the trouble to get the doctor guy to cooperate so he can remove a bullet wound is really not worth the effort. Hell, you don’t even need a doctor as just looking up some online tutorials would tell you how to properly deal with it. So basically this movie would be perfect if the conflict never happened.

There isn’t much I can praise, it’s just a really crappy TV like movie. The acting sucks and even the cinematography is bad. The dialogue is also bad where most of it is just characters repeating the same thing they mentioned 10 minutes ago. Oh yeah, I forgot Bruce Willis is also in this and I was impressed that he was actually trying. His acting is terrible but it’s the thought that counts. The only saving grace was the shootout that I mentioned earlier because it’s so ridiculously stupid that it’s kind of enjoyable.


Overall, it’s good to be back doing this again, but I wish I picked a better comeback movie. Oh well I’m glad I can put this behind me now. 2 out of 10. Keep an eye out for more reviews in the coming weeks. I have been The Blog Complainer and I’m out of here!

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