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The Blog Complainer is Back in Business!

Hello, it’s me, The Blog Complainer. This is a quick announcement post to update you on the future of this blog, and in particular what you can expect in June.  You’ll see the return of the weekly new movie reviews that I used to do but which kind of stopped around the start of this global pandemic crisis that we’re currently living in.

Allow me to come clean, back in March I made the executive decision to quietly end reviewing new movie releases, simply because I didn’t really see the point. My reasoning was:

Number 1: Any of the new releases that did become available on VOD were more expensive than the average movie ticket, so I basically went on strike!

Number 2: Most of the new releases that were going to Netflix just didn’t grab my interest.

Number 3: It gave me time to concentrate on other reviews that I had been wanting to make for a awhile.

Number 4: This was the big one, I saw this as a great opportunity to finally watch some of the great movies that I have been needing to cross off my watch-list for ages. Some of which I managed to catch in my Random Roulette series and others were in my free time.

It’s been quite a relief not having to worry about making a quick summary of my thoughts on the latest and biggest thing of the week. My recent agenda of taking my time on fun passion projects is definitely more time consuming, but the result is it makes my site look more of a ghost town. So just a few days ago I decided with Scoob’s release and the potential return of cinemas, we’re going to return to the old ways where my passion projects and my movie of the week hot-takes will co-exist once more.

This change won’t happen as quick as the click of a pen. This will be a gradual return to form which will probably take maybe all of June and some of July. Building up to this I rented a couple of 2020 movies that I had missed from before the pandemic up to just a few weeks ago. Depending on the material I come up with I will put them on my site or on my Letterboxd account.

This should be fun as the movies I put in the thumbnail of this post are the first ones I want to cover, then we’ll continue from there. There will also be those passion projects in the works during June, like the final 2 parts of the Disneyathon and maybe another Random Movie Roulette.

Overall I’m pumped and ready to return with the more entertaining and somewhat thought provoking posts that I have been renowned for in the past. To prove to you that I’m being serious I decided to have a clean shave.


So that’s it, hope my little ramble gave you something to look forward to and also hope you’re glad for this change. I have been The Blog Complainer 2.0 and we’re back in business!



Cameron Black

I review stuff and hate on everything you ever loved. But I’m still a super nice guy and make pretty entertaining content.

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  1. Anonymous

    Glad the strike has ended and the razor eventually came out of the cupboard…

  2. Cameron Black

    Thanks! Just felt like it was time.

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