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The Current Status of The Blog Complainer as the Corona Apocalypse escalates

Hey, it’s me, The Blog Complainer. I have purposefully avoided talking about this for a while, but with what’s currently going on that’s now almost impossible.

A lot has happened in two months, hell in just two days. Now we have famous people like Tom Hanks getting sick, big events like E3, the Grand Prix and the NBA being cancelled and production on countless movies and shows being put on hold. Plus the toilet paper war rages on, but that’s become old news now.

The reason for this post is because in my most recent review I mentioned how excited I was for next week’s release of A Quiet Place II. Literally the next day John Krasinski announced that the movie has been postponed indefinitely, which was then followed by Disney postponing Mulan and, for the fourth consecutive time, New Mutants has been pushed back. (The Universe must really hate that movie!) Other affected movies include Bond’s latest venture, No Time to Die, which has been put on ice until November and Fast 9 has been tucked away  for next year.

March has been a bit of a rough month for this site because of the lack of new major releases and it seems like April might continue that trend. Does that mean I just call it quits for two months and hide in a bunker until this all blows over?

Maybe five years ago I would have, but not the current me as I firmly believe in keeping myself active and never letting this train stop. I always need a goal to accomplish and if I didn’t have anything then I might just go insane. It’s inevitable that life is going to have it’s ups and downs and you just have to accept it, be ready for it and keep moving.

So The Blog Complainer will continue as usual. I’m fortunate to already have some projects in the works so they’ll become my main priority. The first will be a new series that I’m working on and the other is The Disneyathon. I plan to get them all out of the way by next week. I also have more newer things to look forward to like Onward as it hasn’t come out where I live yet and the first season of Star Trek: Picard. Also if I’m desperate I might watch Trolls: World Tour.  Plus the Q&A which should be fun to create.

I’m open to any other ideas as my schedule is starting to free up a bit.

Anyway that’s all I have to say about this issue. The only advice I can give is use soap, remain positive, don’t be an idiot, avoid close human contact and iffy surfaces. But most importantly just live healthy and we’ll make it out of this. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I wish you all the best. I have been The Blog Complainer and we’ll meet back here very soon.


Cameron Black

I review stuff and hate on everything you ever loved. But I’m still a super nice guy and make pretty entertaining content.

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  1. K at the Movies

    Right on, glad you’re gonna keep on… keepin’ on! I jokingly told Scott of Mechanical Anime Reviews that I’d join him if he wanted to start talking about the food network. Honestly timing might be right, we should all just start posting about our favorite food network shows so all those people eating ration crackers come to us salivating at the memory of what real food tasted like.

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