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Bloodshot is forgettable.

Another week goes by and there is still next to nothing interesting to watch at the cinemas where I live. But don’t worry, there is some hope as next week A Quiet Place II is out, followed by this year’s slate of Disney films. Stay tuned for that, but in the meantime I just watched Bloodshot in which Vin Diesel meets a comic book movie meets a generic action film. Great!

The new Fast & Furious came out a bit early.

I’m a bit mixed on this movie as I wasn’t expecting it to be good, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I kind of liked the story despite it been very generic. You’ve got this super cool guy who has a cool job and a hot wife, but that is all taken away by some jerk and now our unstoppable hero wants revenge. I guess the twist is that the guy is given an upgrade where he has super strength and has these nanobots that fix-up his cells, basically making him invincible. (Like he really needed this earlier.) The point I’m making is that despite this movie trying to sound fresh it really isn’t as you have seen all this stuff before in other superhero and action movies. For the first half hour I was struggling to get invested but towards the start of the second act something happened that grabbed my attention. I’m going to drop a spoiler here so consider yourself warned.

(Spoiler- Zone)

The reveal that good old Vin Diesel is being brainwashed by Guy Pierce’s science division to assassinate random guys who he thinks killed his wife was a cool twist. It felt very reminiscent of Black Mirror and it explored some interesting concepts. (Bloodshot made me think!) I guess the only downside is I kind of saw a twist coming as there were threads that didn’t add up, but I’ll take it because the rest of the movie has nothing remotely intelligent to offer.

(Spoiler-Free Zone)

The action is terrible! It’s that fast editing nonsense that I hate, making it so obvious that the fight choreographer was on strike when they made this. I guess there is a cool car chase, but most of the action scenes I was irritated with because I can’t see what’s happening. The special effects were hit or miss. Most of the acting and dialogue is pretty bad. Eiza Gonzalez was pretty good and Guy Pierce is just about great no matter what he is in. The movie is trying really hard to be deep, but then they reintroduce Vin Diesel and you remember that this is just a forgettable action movie.

What I want to do after finishing this review.


My final thought is I’m still mixed on this as it’s not terrible, but doesn’t really have the stomach to be anything more than forgettable garbage. 4/10 and I highly recommend you skip this. Just five posts away from the 200th Q&A spectacular so please hit me up with some questions before it’s no longer 5 posts away. Hope A Quiet Place II makes up for this slow week, but until then I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out.

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