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Sonic the Hedgehog: Painfully Average!

Just wanted to announce before starting this review that my 200th post is not far away and I was thinking of doing another Q&A to mark the occasion. I’m looking for the most strange, fun and weird questions that would make for an entertaining post. Just leave your questions in the comments section of any of my posts and the best ones will be featured in the 200th. Thanks for your time and enjoy the review.

Happy one day late Valentine’s day everybody and I’m sorry that my present to you is Sonic the Hedgehog, a movie I was idiotically excited to see.

I should probably clarify, I have been looking forward to this movie since that embarrassingly terrible first trailer came out almost a year ago, which they fixed in November when they made Sonic much more easier on the eyes. As we progressed towards February the signs of an average forgettable kids movie was on the horizon but my optimism made me look past all that, leading to today’s disappointment.

Never set your hopes on anything.

Has anyone here ever seen the live action Smurfs movie or the live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? The highlight of those movies is when the cute Smurfs and the fun Turtles are pushed aside so we can follow Neil Patrick Harris and Megan Fox struggle at their boring everyday jobs and if we’re lucky we might eventually catch up again with a Smurf or a Turtle. Same case for Sonic, but at least Sonic is the star and focus of the film. He’s quite fun and Ben Schwartz gives a great vocal performance. Too bad he’s forced to hang out with James Marsden who is so painfully uninteresting.

Paramount made a very good bet with this, but the result is a really by the numbers family-friendly alien buddy movie. It never deviates from the formula which is annoying as there are instances where it could have been so much more. Sonic has those ring things from the games that enable him to teleport wherever he can think of. A cool idea, but they do nothing with it as all Sonic can think of is other places on Earth and a boring uninhabited mushroom planet. It seems like they’re saving the true potential of these rings for the sequel, which if one day Sonic does meet-up with Mario in The Mushroom Kingdom, this first movie will be less appealing to go back to as time goes on.

There are some things saving it from being a bad average kids movie. It’s nice to look at and some of the humour is okay. There are some cool slow motion sequences with Sonic. James Marsden and Sonic are surprisingly an okay duo, but Sonic and Robotnik are way better when they’re away from these boring people. Speaking of Robotnik, the only part of the movie that reminded me of that first original trailer turned out to be it’s saving grace. Jim Carrey is having a blast with this character and is the only thing keeping me interested in a sequel, if that ever happens.


Anyway, Sonic the Hedgehog is disappointingly average and very much deserves a 4 to 5/10. I have absolutely no interest in ever thinking about this film again, but if you’re under 13 then I can guarantee you’ll have a fun time. Thank you for sticking around and goodbye, I’m signing out!

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  1. ospreyshire

    That was a good review. I’ve been hearing people say that the movie wasn’t as bad as people expected especially given the existence of that first trailer.

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