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The 2020 Crammy Awards

Al-lo everybody. It’s me, The Blog Complainer, with a completely original idea, maybe.

Watching TV shows is a lot of work and I was hoping to talk about a lot of these shows and share my thoughts on them. Too bad I’m a slow watcher because I was mid-way through The Mandalorian when The Witcher came out and I also had Watchmen on top of that.

So screw that, meet the Crammys everybody. I don’t really know why I went with that title, perhaps it’s because I love cramming my life into a tight battle for time or maybe because it rhymes with Grammy’s. Anyway I hope you enjoy and, who knows, the Crammys might become a yearly tradition.

Lastly this may or may not be necessary, but I’m going to mention it anyway. I have not seen every show out there so if I’m missing one of your favourite show, be sure to mention it so it may appear in next year’s Crammys.


Cmy Supporting actress

Our first category is the best supporting actresses of last year. Too bad only one of them can win.

Winner: Amy Sedaris – BoJack Horseman

Since the early days of BoJack Horseman, Mr Peanutbutter was my favourite character on the show. In later seasons, thanks to episodes like Ruthie and The Amelia Earhart Story, Princess Carolyn took the crown. Amy Sedaris continues to shine in this final season and once again shows off how dynamic Princess Carolyn can be.

Cmy New Show

I made this award mainly so there was at least one category that BoJack Horseman had no chance of winning, but also to see what good new TV shows came out of 2019.

Winner: Laurie Nunn – Sex Education

I have my problems with all of these shows, but Sex Education was the one that was the most surprising as it ended up being one of the most solid first seasons of the year. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out five years from now.

cmy production

The Technical award goes to the show that looks like a lot of hard work went into it and with what I think was a successful pay off.

Winner: Jon Favreau – The Mandalorian

It’s a Star Wars TV show and it looks and feels like we’ve dropped into a wild adventure in the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian never really wowed me, but it’s nice to look at the cool sets, hear those familiar sounds and experience those cool fights.

cmy puppets

Oh look, a sub-category, and oh no, two choices!

Winner: Jeffery Addiss & Will Matthews – The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Sorry Mandalorian, but The Jim Henson Company has been doing this for a while now and they just continue to wow and impress me.

cmy writing

This one’s pretty self explanatory, which show featured the best writing.

Winner: Damon LindelofWatchmen

It was an easy pick for me as most of these nominees are all self contained, but Watchmen just did it the best. As a fan of the graphic novel it was nice to see the best parts of the comic (the character centric flashbacks) fitting perfectly within the established universe. Watchmen is far from a perfect show, but Lindelof and the writing team sure know how to make an engaging hour of television.

cmy supporting actor

This could almost be called Best Animated or Puppet Supporting Actor, but none of them were my pick.

Winner: Ncuti Gatwa – Sex Education

For a teen comedy I appreciate it alot more when a character I wouldn’t normally care about has a sudden shift that makes them my favourite to watch. Eric is supposed to be your typical black gay friend and as the show progresses we get the full scope of Ncuti Gatwa’s acting range.

Cmy attractive show

You know you always have that one show that you go: ‘Wow I might not know what’s happening, but damn it sure is pretty!

Winner: Jeffery Addiss & Will Matthews – The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The new Dark Crystal show was a bit like that for me as I struggled initially to follow everything, but I was taken aback by the character design and the exotic complex world of the Gelfling and Skeksis.

cmy score

This award is for tunes I liked to listen to, but for me there was one clear winner.

Winner: Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones

It’s always going to be hard watching this show all the way through again because of the ending. But if there is one thing that is consistently amazing it is Ramin Djawadi’s score as it continues to impress. The Night King is my favourite piece of music of the year despite the fact that its musical beats reminds me of the worst story.

cmy song

Oops, one nominee. I’m kidding, it’s intentional as I don’t listen to many songs, but this one from the Witcher still has me humming along to it. If you don’t want to watch the show do yourself a service by looking up this song on YouTube.

cmy best animated

Oh boy I would say this is tough, but it isn’t as I have only seen one of these all the way through. I guess it’s a bit unfair with Rick and Morty as the second half isn’t out yet and Final Space I temporarily abandoned to finish The Mandalorian. It’s okay for Disenchantment as I’m officially done with that show.

Winner: Raphael Bob-Waksberg – BoJack Horseman

Easy win thanks to that satisfactory finale, which I may talk more about in the near future.

cmy actor

Back to the acting spots and boy was it tough. I originally had Andrew Scott as my winner because I’ve got to give Black Mirror something, but since when did I start giving out sympathy votes?

Winner: Will Arnett – BoJack Horseman

I ultimately went with Will Arnett as he continues to prove with BoJack that he’s such a diverse actor. He can be funny and goofy, but when he gets serious his cold delivery cuts deep. This final season BoJack is going through his roughest patch yet and Will Arnett nails it for the last time.

cmy actress

The final actor spot made me realise I’m good at picking these noms but I suck at picking a winner. This ultimately came down to who I most enjoyed watching on screen.

Winner: Anya Chalotra – The Witcher

Anya Chalotra made a very good first impression as I was surprised when watching The Witcher how quickly Yennefer became my favourite character. She was easily the most fascinating and fun out of the three main characters and I’m curious to see what she does next season.

cmy episode

Picking one individual episode is such a daunting task as I enjoyed all of these for many reasons, but in the end I’m going with my gut and it says…

Winner: The New Client – Bojack Horseman

I just told you at the start of this that Princess Carolyn is my favourite BoJack Horseman character, so what else were you expecting? Season 6 had a fair amount of winners to choose from, but I’m going with Princess Carolyn dealing with the tough love of being a single mum of a newborn while also being the manager of a bustling business. It’s BoJack at it’s best – fun and very emotional.

cmy tv show

It has all led up to this final category. Which 2019 TV show in this 2020 award show will walk away with a nice golden Crammy. I’m going to tell you right now as this is dedicated to my favourite show of the year.

So The Crammy goes to….



I mean Bojack Horseman

What an amazing end to the award show. BC you are such a tease!


I don’t think I can adequately describe how much fun this was to make. Now we have set the stage I would like to experiment with this idea for next year and, who knows, I may be open to the Crammys becoming a collaborative project.

I congratulate this year’s winners, but I don’t have anything to give you but a png photo of the award statue that I made. Thanks for checking out this unique post and I have been your host The Blog Complainer. See you some other time.



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