My Hindu Friend: Review

Time flies as we’re already near the end of Jan. I’ve got a few posts to go before we wrap up this month and this one here I have been neglecting to talk about for a while. My Hindu Friend came out just over a week ago and it’s available on numerous platforms (full list … Continue reading My Hindu Friend: Review

Dolittle worse than Cats!

Howdy, it’s me The Blog Complainer and welcome to my review of Dolittle or before they realised they made a terrible movie I think it was going to be called Cats: Reimagined! I had no expectations for this movie as I remember been only mildly entertained by the Eddie Murphy Dr Dolittle back when I … Continue reading Dolittle worse than Cats!

My Thoughts On The 2020 Oscar Nominations

It's that time of year again where I share my thoughts on the Oscar nominations. We're not messing about so let's begin with... Expecting the Expected I mentioned in the first line of my Jojo Rabbit review that this year's nominations weren't that surprising and everyone getting fed up with what was left out is … Continue reading My Thoughts On The 2020 Oscar Nominations

Jojo Rabbit is a worthy Oscar pick

The Oscars' nominations were announced the other day and it went down pretty much as I expected. Yeah, I have my gripes like everyone else does, but as I said I wasn't the least bit surprised. But that is a topic for another day. I have been catching up on all of the movies I … Continue reading Jojo Rabbit is a worthy Oscar pick

1917 – A Technical Masterpiece!

The announcement of the Oscar nominations is not far off and I just checked out another movie that is most worthy of being nominated. I have been excited to see 1917 since it won Best Drama and Best Director for Sam Mendes at the Golden Globes, although I think it also should have won Best … Continue reading 1917 – A Technical Masterpiece!

2 Movies and The Globes

Hi-Lo it's me The Blog Complainer and I have been busy. After completing my best and worst lists of 2019 I was honestly hoping to retire for the rest of the week, but as you can see, that didn't happen. It all started when I saw Little Women. I wasn't sure if I was going … Continue reading 2 Movies and The Globes

Top 10 Worst Movies of 2019

Hello, it's me, The Blog Complainer and welcome to my rant on ten very "special" movies and more that made me question humanity. If you haven't checked out my best of the year list you should definitely read that instead of this rubbish. The rules are: I need to not like the movies enough that … Continue reading Top 10 Worst Movies of 2019

Top 10 Best Movies of 2019

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first Blog Complainer post of 2020. We're going to celebrate this monumental occasion by praising the previous year as 2019 was a great year for movies. Well at least the best year since I have been the BC. Very similar to last year's list this list is … Continue reading Top 10 Best Movies of 2019