You are currently viewing Hobbs & Shaw is a great movie!

Hobbs & Shaw is a great movie!

I decided to see the greatest movie of all time today, it’s called Hobbs and Shaw and it’s exactly what I needed after all of my favourite franchises decided to turn out some average cash grabs recently.

Before we start I should note I went in knowing very little about the Fast & Furious franchise. When I was young I only watched about 20 minutes of the first Fast & Furious movie with my parents before they made me turn it off when it got too violent for us to handle. At that point I turned my back on the franchise but then I saw the trailer for this spin-off that featured an evil robot man wanting to take over the world and it’s up to The Rock and Jason Statham to beat up 500 guys in a room and drive cars up walls and on the side of cliffs. Huh? Since when did GTA: San Andreas turn into Transformers.

The Tooth Fairy vs Gnomeo and Juliet: Who will win?

Hobbs and Shaw is dumb fun. Maybe if I was more familiar with these characters I might have cared about them. The constant talk about the end of the world was as exciting as waiting in line at a government office. All I was looking forward to was seeing The Rock and Jason Statham beat people up and do over the top nonsense.  If that’s what you’re looking for too then you will enjoy yourself, but unfortunately there are also alot of tedious talking scenes about the super dangerous virus.

Our two invincible wise cracking male leads were a great pairing. Their rivalry made some of the more boring scenes much more entertaining. Their interactions with their female companion was also a lot of fun. There are also some fun cameos in this movie, but being unfamiliar with the franchise I only noticed two. The cast is pretty good, but the real star of the show is Idris Elba as Robot Man. He’s the silliest villain I have seen all year, with the dumb accent and how passionate he is about ending the world. I can’t help but crack up!

The plot is a bit of a mess. Unnecessary characters come and go, character relationships and conflicts are resolved in an instant, there is a lot of fumbling around and I started to question if I might just abandon this franchise once again. This feels especially the case at the beginning of the third act which was easily the most boring part of the movie.

I still liked what came after.

Argh! I’m sick of being negative. All I’ve wanted to do since I started this site was to have fun. We’ve got some time so let’s talk…


You’ve got The Rock beating up some dudes and it’s awesome! You’ve got Jason Statham ninjaing some idiots and it’s bloody awesome because the camera cuts are so quick that you won’t be able to tell how awesome that fight was!!!! Jason Statham drives around in a Lamborghini, (I think). I’m not a car expert and the camera flashes past the brand badges too quickly, even if there are 5 different shots on 5 different cars. The Chick and Robot Man get involved in the action and IT’S DOUBLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! There are also people diving away from some big ass explosions!!! Boo-Yah!!!

Finally, the staple of the Fast & the Furious franchise is of course the cars and boy don’t these babies do some impressive stuff. The Lamborghini gets into an intense fight and comes out as polished as the factory intended. A tow-truck is dragged over a cliff by a helicopter and The Rock has to hold all of the other cars that are connected to the helicopter from falling off.  It’s all 10/10 here for the incredible stunt work.

Despite it’s glaring problems and how nothing makes any sense Hobbs and Shaw gets a 9/10. If it’s still out in cinemas you will not be disappointed … except when they remind you what the plot is about! We’re now out of time for this review. I’ll catch-ya at the movies. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Cameron Black

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  1. Empress

    Couldn’t agree more. Being a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, I came in with low expectations but was pleasantly surprised. Of course it’s an overall dumb movie but not the kind of dumb where you regret paying money to see. I genuinely laughed and enjoyed the obviously impossible actions scenes. Just hope they don’t milk it because they ended with what seemed like a setup for a next movie.

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