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The BC reacts to Comic-Con 2019

Hello, it’s me, The Blog Complainer. Comic-Con, your local friendly Ice-Cream van, came around again and handed out some exciting news and trailers for audiences to gush about until the actual thing comes out and ends up being incredibly disappointing. I did one of these last year and how this works is I will have a look at all the new stuff that was shown or announced at Comic-Con and give my thoughts on it.

Marvel News


This is a turn of events. Last year Marvel wasn’t present at all and DC had their two movies and it was pretty cool. This year DC is absent and Marvel brings out their new phase of movies and TV shows to be released over the next two years. (Over saturation much!) I won’t have much of an opinion on any of these until I see some trailer footage. Until then this will be rated on previous knowledge, or lack of, or just how curious I am.

Let’s start with the movies on the poster. Black Widow is first because fans have been dying since phase 2 to learn her origin story. As I said in my Avengers: Endgame spoiler review I don’t care much for this character, but maybe this movie might change that. (Although I doubt it.) This Eternals movie and the movie following it I don’t know anything about, but I’m willing to dip my toe into it. Doctor Strange 2 leaves me really indifferent at this stage. Thor 4 directed by Taika Waititi, sign me up. Guardians 3 isn’t on this poster so if this is continuing off Endgame then I feel like I have nothing to fear.

I’m presuming all of the dark Marvel shows were ditched and also we need a reason to check out Disney’s new streaming service in another year’s time. I honestly don’t care about any of these new upcoming shows. Maybe if they were coming out next month and I had some trailer footage to go off, but this is two years away so I have zero interest.

Someday we’re also getting the fourth reboot of Fantastic Four, no pressure. Blade is also coming out too and I think they announced an unconfirmed X-Men movie. If not an X-Men Live-Action TV show would be awesome. Do that instead of any of the ones you announced!

The Trailers

Anyway let’s move onto the new and exciting trailers that came out of this year’s Comic-Con. Yay!

Harley Quinn

Besides the Arrow-like shows this was the only DC show that I thought was worth watching. From the trailer it appears to be a violent, comedic, animated show starring everyone’s favourite lunatic, voiced by Penny from the Big Bang Theory of all people. The animation looks pretty good and it looks quite different to most DC animated shows. I’m not entirely sure yet, but who knows it might surprise me.

His Dark Materials

I remember watching the 2007 movie a long time ago and feeling quite underwhelmed. After seeing this trailer it gave me a bit of a nostalgia trip of things I remembered from that film. It’s a HBO show so it’s looks very high quality and they have got a great cast. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to watch it.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Oh look, another Terminator movie! This trailer was quite embarrassing. Rehashed storyline, bad CGI and fan favourites who were brought back way too late. All this needs to do is be better than Terminator Salvation and Genesys  and I will be satisfied. I’ll give it this at least, this one didn’t spoil the movie like most Terminator trailers seem to enjoy doing.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Ah, The Dark Crystal. I have been needing to rewatch that film for ages.  This show looks like it was completely ripped from Jim Henson’s original work, but with a few modern tweaks so it still looks impressive. It’s a prequel so it will be limited, but I’m curious enough to check this out.

Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun is getting a reboot. Hooray? It’s been awhile since I have seen the original movie, but I don’t remember thinking too highly of it. I can see this being a pretty good crowd-pleaser for fans of the original and, if it sucks, it will make for an entertaining review!!

Star Trek: Picard

It’s been awhile since I have watched anything Star Trek related, but I still find myself excited for Star Trek: Picard. This show looks like it could be okay, but I think Patrick Stewart is the type of actor who can carry an entire show on his own. Hell, he was the best part of Next Generation. Fingers crossed this doesn’t disappoint.

Untitled Walking Dead Movie

Well this trailer tells you that The Walking Dead is making a movie and they made this trailer to tell you it’s in the works, maybe. What an embarrassment! AMC, next time give us some footage! Can’t wait to see this potential train-wreck.

Westworld Season 3

Another season of Westworld should be interesting. This show continues to be less and less about Westworld, as that and the boring Japanese world have been abandoned for WWII London.  It’s shot very well, everything looks gorgeous and the robots continue their complicated battle for civil rights. Should be good.

The Witcher

I have only just started to get into The Witcher franchise and for someone who isn’t too familiar with The Witcher this trailer hasn’t sold me.  I think Henry Cavil might not be a bad choice for Geralt, but other than that I am not overly excited for this. It looks like every other bland fantasy franchise.


Oh yeah, best for last! I’m a very big fan of Watchmen and I have been looking forward to this since they first announced there was going to be a Watchmen TV show. This trailer looks like they’re not following the comics, but making their own story with new original characters along with bringing in the old characters like Dr Manhattan. I’m still a bit concerned, but I think we’re in good hands as Damon Lindelof is a big fan of the graphic novel.

That’s everything that grabbed my interest at this year’s Comic-Con. I looked back at my previous post to learn I must have created my Twitter account not long before. I find it quite hard to grasp because it feels like I only created it yesterday. Happy birthday Twitter Account and let’s do this again in a year’s time. Hopefully the ones shown this year turn out better than last year. I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out.


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