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My Ending to Game of Thrones: Part 5 – Rewriting The Ending

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She believes her destiny is to build a better world for everyone. If you believed that — if you truly believed it — wouldn’t you kill whoever stood between you and paradise?

Episode 12 – The Iron Throne

The survivors of the massacre begin piling bodies to set ablaze. Tyrion, Davos and Varys traverse through the ash filled city. The sight of motherless infants surviving this horrible tragedy makes even Varys tear up. Davos will try to intervene with Grey Worm executing Lannister soldiers. Tyrion and Varys make it to the Red Keep and notice Drogon resting in the snow. They discover Arya’s body on the stairs and Tyrion doesn’t want to think how Sansa and Jon will react. Tyrion finally collapses in tears when he sees his brother and sister on the ruined Iron Throne. ‘Our queen will be furious when she finds out you let your brother escape. It’s going to get worse when Jon Snow comes back to claim the throne.’ Varys tells Tyrion about Jon’s heritage and also explains how he knows this. ‘If more than two mouths know a very important secret than I also know.‘ Since Daenerys is a lost cause Varys suggests leaving before she finds a reason to kill them too.

Tyrion finds Dany in the small council chambers. She’s upset because she doesn’t understand why the innocents killed Rhaegal. Tyrion answered ‘They were just defending their city and didn’t know the queen that I know. Then you had to burn them all alive…’ Daenerys shouts ‘THEY KILLED MY CHILD!’ ‘Because Cersei told them you were just like your father, which I’m devastated to say… she’s right!’ They’re interrupted when Grey Worm tells Dany that Tyrion is a traitor for releasing Sansa Stark. She’s currently heading for Riverrun to rebuild her armies. Dany quickly turns on Tyrion as it all makes sense to her now ‘You didn’t want to attack King’s Landing right away because you still cared about your old family and because of that we lost Highgarden and Dorne. You backed Jon up when he wanted to focus on The White Walkers. When we should have finished Cersei while she was still weak, then Viserion, Jorah, Missandei and Rhaegal would all still be alive!’ Dany sentences Tyrion to death.

Jon and the gang are in the old temple. Sam is looking at all the old hieroglyphics wishing he brought something to write all this down and Tormund doesn’t understand his fascination for this stuff. Bran arrives ‘It’s amazing being a living breathing library on the history of everything, as I can freely mock those wanting what my library holds.’ ‘The Targaryen Girl has her throne, murdered The Lannister lovers and our sister, Arya.’ Jon is devastated and finally agrees they have to stop Daenerys. Bran comforts Jon by revealing he knows how to bring Arya back. Not as a Wight, but exactly like he and Dondarrion were brought back. He knows the spells all he needs from Jon is to finally accept his offer. Jon accepts it on the condition that the safety of his friends and family are guaranteed. Bran tells him he’s in no position to make demands like that.

The old throne has been destroyed and replaced with a bigger and more unhinged throne held together with dragon fire. We see the throne being forged and shortly after we get a long scene of Dany slowly walk up to sit on the throne. The Unsullied have put the dead Stark girl in a safe place for possible trade. The new prince of Dorne, Anders Yronwood (Yronwood is the second most powerful house in Dorne after the Martells) swears his fealty to Daenerys, but only if she kills the rest of the monsters that killed the Martells. Yara also wants support with reclaiming the Iron Islands and to take her uncle home so he can pay for his crimes. Dany refuses as the Iron Islands aren’t relevant and Euron is her prisoner. Yara gets very upset and Daenerys ends the squabble with arguing against her is a sign of treason. The final decision is Ellaria Sand and Euron Greyjoy are sentenced to death.

The two prisoners are taken to the Dragonpit. Ellaria struggles to walk, but smiles when she sees Daenerys as queen. Euron tries to persuade Daenerys into letting him live as he can get her pregnant. Daenerys answers with any last words. Ellaria says nothing and Euron tells Yara ‘Have fun trying to get a bunch of men to work for a woman.’ Drogon executes the prisoners.

Meanwhile Davos is hiding from Unsullied soldiers when an undead child approaches him that Jon Snow sent him because he needs his help. They find Arya’s body in the black cells. Davos starts to walk away, but the child tells him she’ll need him for when she wakes. The child performs the ritual and shortly after Arya Stark is reborn.

A fair amount of time has past and Jon and the undead army march past what remains of Winterfell. Jon, Tormund and Sam reflect on everything they have done. Bran tells Jon ‘Our Sister Arya is breathing and heading for where we’re heading.’ ‘There is still plenty of time to decide which one of us will kill Daenerys.

Yara and Gendry have abandoned Daenerys and most of the armies have sided with Sansa. Varys’ Little Birds have told the world that Jon is the rightful heir to throne. Daario visits Dany as he intents to go back to Meereen and he wants her to come with him. She demands why would he do that? Daario loves her and doesn’t want to see her die here. Daenerys truly believes she is meant to restore everything. King’s Landing was a terrible accident, but if that’s what it will take, then so be it. Daario gives a silent goodbye.

With no other choice Dany orders Tyrion to be released and reinstated as her hand. He will serve his crimes by been chained at the bottom of the throne for the rest of his life.

YOU ARE MY QUEEN! (Couldn’t resist) 🙂

Episode 13 – A Song of Ice and Fire

After a long tedious journey Jon and the undead army arrive at Riverrun. Sansa is happy to see Jon again and wary around Bran. Jon is immediately taken to Arya who is still traumatised from dying and Jon can relate. The three Stark children hold a meeting. Daenerys is slowly losing her mind as she has no hand or advisors, but only her loyal Unsullied. Sansa mentions her only allies is Anders Yronwood, who with the help of the Dothraki have retaken Casterly Rock. They don’t stand a chance against that. Bran says he’ll deal with them and they should just focus on King’s Landing. Once Bran is gone, Sansa tells Jon ‘That thing is not our little brother and we need to deal…Jon cuts her short ‘He has ears everywhere.

Riverrun holds three of the Seven Kingdoms along with the Wildlings and The Night’s Watch. Jon and Arya have a touching scene together. Robin Arryn is preparing to fight. Tormund tries to ask Brienne if they could become a thing. Pod vouches for him and Brienne says she’ll think about it. Tormund lifts up Pod shouting ‘SHE WILL THINK ABOUT IT!!’ On the final day of preparations Jon and Arya have their final goodbyes with Sansa.

Daenerys looks terrible. Her hair is untamed, robes are ruined, sharp fingernails, her eyes are dry from crying too much and is always shifting in her uncomfortable chair. Tyrion doesn’t look any better. Covered in his own filth, ragged clothing falling apart, skinnier than normal and has grown a very long beard. Grey Worm tells Dany about the armies descending on them. Dany asks for Tyrion’s advice. Grey Worm kicks Tyrion when he doesn’t answer right away. He suggests surrender, insisting Grey Worm to kick harder. ‘Bring out the ballistas.

It’s a cold snowy day when Jon and his armies arrive at the ruins of King’s Landing. They’re been watched by The Unsullied until The Mad Queen appears before them. Jon urges Daenerys to leave before Bran arrives. ‘You told me you would get rid of the Army of the Dead, but instead you brought them right to me.’ Jon assures her if she leaves they will all go their separate ways. She states that’s why she won’t leave. ‘Your father and Robert Baratheon let the Lannisters go their separate ways and look how that turned out. I came to Westeros to break the wheel Jon. So we don’t repeat history and can build a better world.’ Jon answered ‘We still can. Let me come up there so we could talk privately.’ Dany is done with Jon putting ideas in her head.

A loud clap is heard in the distance. ‘This couldn’t be more perfect my two biggest threats all lined up perfectly for me.’ Bran’s undead army appears behind Jon’s. ‘ I know you didn’t want to being our sister Sansa, so I had her brought here.‘ Sansa, Davos, Sam and some other lords are dropped in between Jon and Bran’s army ‘Don’t worry Jon, I’m not shocked you were planning to betray me as I was about to do the same. I just wish you didn’t attempt to hide it.’ He calls to Daenerys ‘I was at Casterly Rock and picked up some friends.‘ An undead Anders Yronwood brings an army of Dornish and Dothraki through Bran’s. ‘Oh good Arya is here. Here’s the price you paid for having an undead man bring back your sister.’ Bran has warged into Arya and begins attacking Jon and shortly after the dead and the living clash.


Dany tells Grey Worm to hold the gates and don’t let anyone in. Brienne, Pod and Tormund rescue Sansa, Sam and Davos. Maester Wolkan gets his head crushed by a White Walker and Robin Arryn is lost in the battle. The battle is looking bad for Jon as the undead Dornish and Dothraki are much better fighters than any Northern fighter. Same with Arya’s faceless assassin training conquering Jon’s knight training. They’re slowly being pushed into The Unsullied soldiers blocking the entrance. Brienne and Tormund and the others are slowly making their way to outer borders of the battle. Sam saves Sansa from a Wight.

Daenerys finally returns to the throne room where Tyrion continues to rot. He asks what’s happening outside and she says nothing you need to worry about. He demands to know and Dany answered ‘Jon is fighting the undead. Don’t worry they won’t breach the city walls.’ Tyrion tells her ‘If Jon loses then you will definitively die. This is also a chance to redeem yourself after what happened with King’s Landing.’ She leaves him with no answer.

At the outer rim of the battle Sansa and the crew luckily find two unoccupied horses. Sam is willing to stay, but Tormund tells him to go as he’ll hold them off. He tells Brienne and Pod to go too as they’re knights and he’s just a wildling. Pod assures him he won’t be forgotten and Brienne tells him she would have tried. As they ride off Tormund faces the horde with a big grin. ‘You Southerners are missing how a real northerner dies in battle!Jon’s army is decreasing very quickly. Arya has Jon on the ground. ‘It’s a shame it had to end this way Jon, You were always Brandon Stark’s favourite.’ 

Suddenly dragon fire burns through the undead army. All of the Wights are gone, except for The White Walkers. With Arya distracted Jon knocks her down thus knocking Bran out of her. Bran immediately resurrects a new army before chasing after them. They get past The Unsullied as they are distracted with the White Walkers. Arya and Jon escape into the empty streets, but is lodged with a giant ice spear. Arya helps Jon get it out, but quickly have to draw their swords

An awesome fight occurs. Bran knocks Arya back and it’s just Jon left. Bran stabs Jon in the leg and Jon is again on the ground. Ghost gets in-between the two. Bran knocks him off and finishes off the Direwolf. Jon tries to go again, but Bran knocks him over. Jon is crawling for Longclaw, but Bran knocks the sword out of reach. Suddenly Bran is set ablaze. He’s completely unscathed and looks up to laugh at her. As he’s creating a spear he says ‘To the end of a legacy.’ Arya leaps behind him and Bran immediately turns around. She does the sword trick and Bran is stabbed with the dagger that tried to kill him back in Season 1. The Unsullied finish off the remaining White Walkers with the ballistas. More sharp objects enter Tormund’s corpse and Robin Arryn proclaims victory. Arya helps Jon get to his feet. but is then is surrounded by The Unsullied and Drogon. Dany declares them guilty of high treason.

About a week has past when Jon finally awakens. He’s in Dany’s bed as she’s has been catering to his every need. While in Dany’s care Jon has become very skinny and ill, but he doesn’t look as bad as her. Dany never thought she could ever be pregnant again, but now she has. When he’s at full strength they can finally rule together. Jon learns the entire castle is surrounded by the other kingdoms, but what’s keeping them from attacking the city is the hostages. Dany decides to show him what’s she done. She leads him into the ruined throne room. Jon notices Tyrion sitting below the throne. Dany sees him looking at the throne and offers to help him up it. It’s take a while to reach the top. Jon looks over the room while Daenerys reflects on everything she’s been through. Jon asks to feel their child and she happily agrees. Jon feels her belly for a while and then grabs her. He apolgises to her and she confusingly asks for what? Not giving answer Jon pushes Dany onto one of the swords on the throne. The sword goes straight through the heart killing Daenerys instantaneously. Tyrion is shocked and Grey Worm shouts ‘He murdered our queen, kill him!’ Jon is hit with less than ten spears before dying himself. Drogon flies into the throne room. He mourns his dead mother and then lights the throne with his mother and half-brother on it. Grey Worm unchains Tyrion and they watch Drogon fly away into the distance.

We break the wheel together.


With the Targaryen line officially gone The Unsullied surrender the city. Grey Worm and his men are forced into exile and agree to return to Essos so they can create the dream world their queen wanted. At the Dragonpit a council of the great houses is held. The representatives: Ander’s oldest son Cletus Yronwood, Sansa, Sam representing The Reach, Gendry, Robin Arryn, Yara, pregnant Roslin Tully and Tyrion. Sam will still be the one to suggest they should become a democracy. (No one will find this funny.) Tyrion agrees ‘With the Targaryens and Cersei’s children all gone, this is the perfect opportunity to start fresh.

The council will have to all come to an agreement on which one of the eight representatives will be their next king or queen. Yara and Cletus show their disinterest as they just want their independence. Tyrion steps up suggesting the first elected ruler of the six kingdoms should be Sansa Stark. As she has a great coming of age story and will be an aspiring role model for years to come. Everyone agrees.

Sansa makes Winterfell her home base while King’s Landing will be left in ruin similar to old Valyria. Davos tells Sansa he wants to settle down at Storm’s End. Arya says goodbye to Sansa as she plans on travelling beyond Westeros to find some sort of new self-purpose. Tyrion admires the old kingdom one last time, but is then joined by Varys. Varys congratulates him as he actually pulled it off. Varys gives Tyrion his Little Birds as he won’t be needing them anymore.

The six kingdoms are now all connected. Sam made it that there are no more arranged marriages in Westeros. The former members of the Night’s Watch agree to help destroy the Wall and start forming settlements up North. The Wildlings move into the empty castles up North. Other empty castles are taken over by less powerful houses. A new Small Council is made of new characters instead of fan favourites. Brienne starts a new Kingsguard and knights Pod. Tyrion is slowly getting over the trauma and gives Casterly Rock to Yara. Sansa lets him stay in Winterfell and asks if he’s willingly to give their short term marriage another shot.

Sam returns to Horn Hill to check-in with Gilly and Little Sam. Sam denounces his titles and makes Little Sam Lord of Horn Hill for when he comes of age. They say goodbye and Sam returns to Oldtown. He asks Jim Broadbent if he could train to become a maester again. The old man gives him another shot as he sees potential in him. The show ends with Sam getting settled back into the Citadel while many different people share stories of the major events from the show – The great war for the Iron Throne, the tragic love story of Aegon and Daenerys Targaryen, the forbidden romance of the Lannister twins,  the many tales of Tormund Giantsbane, the epic story the big battle between the living and undead and many many more. Sam starts writing a book about these events called A Song of Ice and Fire. That ladies and gentlemen is my ending to Game of Thrones.

Here’s someone who has a better story than Bran the Broken.

WE DID IT! You have no idea how big of a task it was to rewrite 13 episodes in your own vision. That being said I still really enjoyed putting this all together for you all and maybe in the near future we’ll do something like this again. I hoped you enjoyed this mini series If so leave a like and a comment on how you would end Game of Thrones. I’m done with Game of Thrones for now and I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out.

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