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My Ending to Game of Thrones: Part 3 – Rewriting The White Walker Invasion

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That’s what death is, isn’t it? Forgetting. Being forgotten. If we forget where we’ve been and what we’ve done, we’re not men anymore: we’re just animals. 

Episode 8 – Winterfell

The episode will start at Last Hearth where the same events from the show will occur. Since Edd is dead, they’ll run into the commander of Eastwatch, Cotter Pyke. The opening to season is still here, but Arya is with Gendry. Dany and Jon are riding alongside each other followed by Davos, Jaime and Tyrion in the litter. The Hound notices Arya and Gendry within the crowd. They will be followed by the Dothraki group that was stationed at Dragonstone and a quarter of the Unsullied from King’s Landing.

Jon is reunited with his brother and Sansa isn’t overly fond of Daenerys. They have a meeting where the northern lords show their disgust to Jon bending the knee to a foreign ruler. Jon reassures them it was necessary if they even have a chance at defeating The Night King. Lyanna Mormont will encourage the Northern lords that Jon Snow has their best interests in mind.

After the meeting Jon and Davos encounter Melisandre reassuring them she’s only here for the battle and they won’t need to worry about killing her. We also see Bran and Sam working together at uncovering the big mystery behind The Night King and the White Walkers. Bran uses his powers to go back in time and witness key events, such as we learn The Night King’s real name and what his life was like before been taken by The Children. It’s quite sad that none of this is in the show.

This is also a reunion galore episode. You got Jon reuniting with Arya, then Jaime and Bran, Tyrion and Sansa and later on Jorah and Theon arrive so guess what…more reunions, Hooray! The trip to Winterfell hasn’t been easy for Jorah as his greyscale has started to creep up his face. The dragon riding stuff I’m saving for next episode and we’re also removing that god awful romance! My Jon and Dany had their time on the boat and they agreed to stay focused on ending this war, before worrying about building a more romantic relationship. Sam tells Jon about his true heritage and Tormund returns with reports that The Night King will arrive at dawn. Mainly because I want my audience to be able to see the entirety of my battle.

Off-screen between White Harbour and Winterfell Jon, Daenerys and Tyrion came up with a big plan to evacuate the entire North. I believe this is better than hiding in the crypts during a zombie invasion. Two massive caravans will travel to separate rendezvous points. One is at Deepwood Motte where Yara will be waiting and another at White Harbour where Daario is waiting. Another group will have to stay at Winterfell and fend off the incoming White Walker invasion. Against Jon’s wishes Bran has to stay as he and The Night King share a special bond.

Down below I have some pictures showing where key characters will be placed.


At Dragonstone, Missandei is reunited with Daario who thought of stopping over on his way to White Harbour. At King’s Landing, Cersei watches the Unsullied army get significantly smaller each day. Qyburn finally shows Cersei the finished Scorpion Ballista. Euron returns with the Golden Company. Same as the show, Euron wants a prize for everything he has done. Cersei denies it for losing Casterly Rock. Euron points out she needs him more than he needs her. Cersei and Euron have sex and agree to get married once the war is over.

Theon promises Jon he’ll protect Bran. Melisandre reunites with Arya and she tells her that her dark journey is almost complete. There will be no mention of the eye prophecy from season 3. Against Brienne’s wishes Podrick wants to be a part of the battle. Tormund steps in saying he will look out for the boy. Sansa will be with Theon when Arya gives her a cold farewell. Jorah and Dany have a touching scene together. Arya and Gendry have sex. The drunk party by the fire will remain the exactly the same as it is one of the best moments of Season 8. The episode ends with Jon telling Dany about his true heritage.

The true enemy won’t wait out the storm. He brings the storm.

Episode 9 – The Night King

As the first glimpse of dawn can be seen over the horizon, the army of the dead became faintly visible through the tree line. Everyone is safely secure in the fortified castle. Except for the Unsullied that are the first line of defense outside the flaming traps that Melisandre lit up an hour earlier.  Jon and Dany have a great view of the playing field Jon had to figure out how Rhaegal works on his own as he can tell Dany didn’t take the big news very well. Melisandre sits crossed legged in the main hall waiting for the dead to come. Bran has just warged and whatever he is doing is beyond Theon. No sign of The Night King, but his armies is slowly getting bigger. Bows are at the ready. Tormund grabs Pod’s shoulder making sure he’s ready for a bloody fight. The Wights begin climbing on each and they’re moving faster and faster towards the Unsullied, until they clash.

Same as the show The Unsullied stand their ground the undead even when some of them fall into the traps. Archers start firing at the dead. Jon notices Dany feeling a bit anxious. The Unsullied continue to hold strong until the undead giants come in and push them out of the way and undead Children chuck their fire acorns at them. The Unsullied are down and Wights begin crossing the fire traps. Dany loses her patience and flies into the battle, but is attacked by a rogue undead Viserion. Jon goes after her and notices that no one is riding Viserion.

We cut to Bran and this might sound a bit freaky, but he’s watching Sam and himself come to the conclusion of their investigation. (Don’t worry he doesn’t talk to his past self.) Sam documents everything they have learned about the White Walkers and what they know about The Night King. Except only two big mysteries remain and that’s why does The Night King have such a strong connection with Bran and what’s his overall goal? It’s only a mystery because they simply ran out of time. Bran and Sam have their final goodbye, Sam had been a great help and now Bran must finish this on his own. Bran awakens and Theon tells him the Wights have reached the castle walls. Bran tells Theon to hold them off for however long he can as he’s going back in. Before he goes Bran tells Theon that he’s a good man.

The Wights are climbing the walls. Cotter Pyke is immediately pulled off the wall and dragged into the horde. Bows are replaced with swords. Pod and Tormund are back to back. A giant bursts through the front gate and tosses Lyanna Mormont aside. Howland Reed gets into an intense fight with the giant. He cuts into it’s leg and the giant is on his knees, but Howland is seriously wounded in the progress. For you Lyanna Mormont fans, yes she still gets to kill the giant. The two wounded warriors have a short moment together before been trampled on by incoming Wights.

Melisandre listens to the screams surrounding the hall and she begins siting a prayer. The dragon fight is still going as Dany is chased by Viserion. Rhaegal distracts Viserion long enough for Drogon to bite off Viserion’s wing. Viserion scares Rhaegal off and then swipes Dany off Drogon so they fall together. Jorah notices them falling outside the castle walls and calls on Pod and Tormund for backup. Jon flies down to save Dany and Viserion crashes onto the ground. Before they can finish the dragon off Rhaegal is pulled down by Wights. Rhaegal manages to escape, but Dany is stranded in the progress.

Viserion sees Dany and she is forced to hide behind some corpses. Jorah, Pod and Tormund arrive on the scene. Jorah tells them to distract the dragon. The undead dragon has his eyes on them, while Jorah gets around to it. He’s too far off, but luckily Drogon distracts the dragon and Jorah gets another chance. Dany looks over the corpses to see her brave knight charging for the dragon. Jorah is very close, but his greyscale gets the better of him and Viserion sees him. Luckily Drogon saw a window to get another bite into the dragon giving Jorah enough time to drive Heartsbane into Viserion’s eye.

The screams get louder and Melisandre hums her prayer louder over her fire pit. The Wights begin hammering on the door shortly and fire acorns are thrown into the room. Windows are broken and Melisandre sites her prayer even louder. The Wights get in, but not before the flames burst out of the pit and onto the main hall and spreading across the walls. Winterfell is ablaze and the Wights turn into flames, leaving the living unharmed. The sun has risen above the ground Theon looks hopeful, along with Pod and Tormund. Jon lands his dragon and Dany helps Jorah get back onto his feet. Melisandre sees the sun within the fiery hall. She thanks the Lord of Light before withering away.


It’s a victory, but then a lone horseman rides across the battle field. It’s The Night King and Jon immediately charges for him. The Night King begins to raise a new army.  The Wights immediately go for the wounded dragons and forcing them to abandon the battle. Dany looks back to see Jon surrounded by an undead Unsullied Army and The Night King heading for the flaming castle. Tormund gives Dany a sword and the four of them make their way towards Jon. Jon is rescued, but Dany and the wounded Jorah get separated.

The Night King arrives in the godswood. The Ironborn charge at him. Meanwhile Bran is still struggling to put all of the pieces together. He has gone back to the moment when the Children created The Night King. All of the Ironborn are down and it’s just Theon. Pod and Tormund fend off Wights while Jon runs through the gates and he shouts back to go and find Daenerys. Bran is confused as his relationship with The Night King all leads to this moment, but why? The Night King chops off Theon’s sword hand, leaving him severely wounded. Jorah takes some more fatal blows, but is keeping the Wights off Dany. Jon arrives and sees Theon looking at his missing hand, but then notices The Night King standing in front of Bran. Bran continuously watches the Night King becoming the monster he is, but he can hear Jon shouting BRAN! HE’S HERE! Bran finally solves the mystery just as he’s been beheaded.

Jon is devastated over losing another brother,  but that changes when he hears the words ‘Brandon Stark is better now.’  Jon looks up in confusion ‘My dear brother, it’s me I can walk again.’ What a twist, Bran the Broken is The Night King. It’s revealed, just before he died he warged into the man becoming The Night King. The Children created him with the soul purpose of wiping out mankind. The Night King never questioned this purpose until he made contact with Bran. Now that he sees the full picture he is free to create his own path. He gives Jon the chance to help him. Jon refuses and they have get into a duel. Theon struggles to stand as the fight takes place. About to deliver the killing blow, but is suddenly stabbed in the back by Theon. The Night King completely shatters and Theon falls into him and dies.

It’s finally over as the sun is high enough to shine all over Winterfell. Pod and Tormund finish off the remaining wights and they see Dany weeping over her dead knight. A cackle arises and it’s coming from Jorah. An undead Theon looks up at Jon and says ‘Jon Snow, Brandon Stark made another body before Greyjoy cut off his host body. Enjoy the victory while it lasts because he has another army on its… Tormund beheaded Jorah and Jon drove Longclaw straight into Theon before either of them could finish their sentence. The silence leaves an eerie presence on the ruined castle before the episode cuts to black.

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