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My Ending to Game of Thrones: Part 2 – Rewriting The Mission up North

If you haven’t read it yet I highly recommend reading the previous part for some much needed context: My Ending to Game of Thrones: Part 1 – Rewriting Season 7

Beautiful, eh? I can breathe again. Down south, the air smells like pig shit.

Episode 6 – Beyond the Wall

At Casterly Rock The Unsullied and Dothraki begin their march for King’s Landing. Edmure tells Jorah ‘My wife is pregnant and all I want is the fighting to be over before my child is born. If Daenerys is as good as you say, I’ll take your word for it.’ Yara is leaving to retake her home and Theon tells her that he’s going to Winterfell to be with his true family. She’ll understand and they have a heartfelt goodbye. Jorah joins Theon on the trip to Winterfell.

Jaime returns to King’s Landing and Cersei is annoyed about losing her father’s home. They will have an emotional scene where both actors give a fantastic performance. Jaime tells Cersei that Daenerys is coming and when she does she will take the throne with her dragons, her Dothraki and all of the armies in Westeros. Jaime begs Cersei to surrender. Cersei tells him she’s pregnant and that is why she won’t bend the knee to the Targaryen whore.

Arya and Sansa get into a heated argument about the events of the last episode. Littlefinger steps in saying Arya is too dangerous and untrustworthy. ‘She has a bag of faces of all the people she killed, including the man who beheaded your father. Who knows what else she’s been up to since your father died.’ Sansa orders the Vale men to have Arya locked up and to be put on trial. Later on Bran visits Arya who’s busy trying to pick the lock. Bran convinces her not to do that as it will just make things worse. Arya mentions Littlefinger has gotten into Sansa’s head and Bran agrees. Littlefinger wants them both gone and Arya was only chosen first as she is the wild card. Bran tells her he came down because he has a letter from King’s Landing, he thinks she should read it.

At last Dany, Jon, Tyrion and Davos arrive at Eastwatch with all three dragons. Tormund is there to greet them. Gendry, Brienne, Pod, The Hound and the Brotherhood are inside waiting for them. Gendry and Beric are a bit tense around each other. They’ll have a quick chat before Jon leads the expedition up north. It’s almost the exact same group from the show except my version isn’t hastily put together. Dany stays at Eastwatch with her dragons and the two hands.

My version also includes some banter on the way to the battle. The Wildling village is in a very large valley surrounded by Wights. It’s much worse than they thought as the Wights continuously charge for the Children’s shield and die. I also want to mention my version has characters feeling amazed or shocked whenever they see dragons or anything magical. It’s a small thing, but it’s something that I felt these last two seasons really lacked. Realising they have to fight their way down, they all stick close to Gendry as he’s holding all three raven cages and yes they brought ravens because they’re not idiots! The run down isn’t too bad as they all handle themselves just fine, but only Thoros gets taken down and is seriously wounded.

The Children let them all in and Jon is reunited with his uncle. Edd, Meera and her father Howland Reed are also here. Benjen will mention how hopeless they as The Children can’t hold them off for too much longer. Jon tells Gendry to send a raven to Eastwatch. Jon and Benjen will properly catch up. Bran contacts them through the weirwood tree. Bran tells them The Night King saw the raven and he’s going to strike harder. Jon is ecstatic to hear Bran again. Bran will tell Jon they’ll talk later as he must focus on the coming battle.

The first wave of Wights come through and no named characters die, but many Children are injured. Feeling pretty confident they don’t see the next wave coming. The shield breaks and the giants are completely swarmed. They are all forced to retreat into one of the houses. An injured Thoros chooses to stay behind and fight, but doesn’t last long. Edd is helping his brothers get into one of the houses protected by the Children. Jon tells him to get in but, before he can react, Edd is violently pulled apart by Wights. The first part of the battle is over and I just killed more named characters than the show.


Our heroes are scattered in three Wildling huts surrounded by Wights. It’s been a couple of hours and they’re starting to lose hope that Dany isn’t coming. Howland is holding onto his daughter. Gendry is tense and The Hound gives him the evil eyes. Tormund will try to sit near Brienne, but she will just move away. The huts have fires to keep them warm, but the fires are starting to die out. Jon can see The Night King watching them in the distance. Benjen tells Jon they might have to destroy the horn if they can’t escape with it.

The silence breaks when three massive dragons clear out a bunch of Wights. There is no good place to land so they make a break for the nearby woods. Another chase scene ensues as everyone is running through the woods while fending off the Wights who just keep coming. They reach the end of the forest and the dragons are on the other side. Benjen tells Jon he and the remaining Children will hold them off for as long they can. Jon starts to cry as his uncle is leaving him again. They embrace and Benjen is proud of the man Jon has become. Jon and the gang run to the dragons while thousands of Wights charge at the Children and Benjen.

Dany has landed and Jon and the gang are on the home streak, but not before the Wights make it past the tree line. Many people including Meera get on Viserion while Howland and Tormund fend them off. Brienne and Beric help Gendry and Pod get onto Rhaegal. Drogon burns the forest behind them as Jon and The Hound fend off incoming Wights. Dany is pulled off Drogon by a Wight. She is saved by The Hound who grabs a hold of the Wight. Jon notices and tells him to spare it as it could come in handy.

Brienne and Beric hop on Rhaegal as the dragon takes off. The Night King pops out of the burning forest and begins making spears to throw at the escaping dragons. Wights get closer to Viserion so it takes off without Howland and Tormund. Rhaegal is out of reach so The Night King throws a spear at Viserion, killing him instantly along with Meera and everyone on it. Dany forgets about the battle around her as her baby falls from the sky. Howland is devastated and Tormund has to drag him over to Drogon.

The Hound helps Tormund and Howland get on Drogon. Dany gets on followed by Jon, but they can’t leave as Wights are preventing Drogon from taking off. The Night King smiles at Jon. Realising he’s defeated Jon rips the Horn of Winter in two and continues breaking it into smaller pieces before letting it fly out of his hands. The Night King’s smile disappears, the Wights let go and Drogon escapes the scene. Dany tries not to look back.

At Eastwatch, Tyrion and Davos talk about their time at The Wall. Drogon flies over The Wall to land. Beric, Tormund and Howland agree to hold The Wall.  Brienne, Pod and Gendry start heading back to Winterfell. Tyrion has received a raven that Cersei is willing to talk. Dany, Jon, Tyrion, Davos and The Hound get on a boat for King’s Landing. Jon is recovering in bed when Dany visits him. Dany is still suffering grief, she tells Jon she is convinced the White Walkers are serious threat and swears to help Jon. Jon thanks her and don’t worry he doesn’t call her Dany. Dany asks him about the scars on his chest and from their they talk about the experiences they have being through.

Back at the battle field an undead Thoros, a Wight that somewhat resembles Edd, Benjen, The Children, Meera and a couple giants join the undead army. The Night King tries to rebuild the broken horn, but is then presented with a dead dragon. That’s my battle. It features actual stakes and the bait and switch with the Horn and Dragon feels like something George would’ve come with.

I’m not going to swear an oath I can’t uphold. When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything. Then there are no more answers, only better and better lies.

Episode 7 – The Dragon and the Wolf

We start off at the Dragonpit where in my version it’s a smaller gathering of key characters instead of the entire main cast. We’ll tease Cleganebowl after which The Hound shows Cersei the Wight. From there my meeting playouts very much the same. After seeing the Wight Cersei agrees to help them when the time comes. Dany tells Cersei the Unsullied are marching for King’s Landing and once the White Walkers have been dealt with, she’s coming back for her throne. Cersei agrees to give it up when the time comes.

After the meeting Cersei and Tyrion have that same conversation from the show. Jon approaches Dany and tells her he has thought about what he learned about her on the boat trip and what she did over The Wall. Jon bends the knee and swears to serve her well after the war is over. Cersei and Jaime return to the Red Keep and it’s quickly revealed that Cersei has zero interest in The White Walkers. She has sent Euron to get the Golden Company to help retake their land. Same as the show Jaime leaves, but he catches up to Dany and the others. Cersei watches Jaime leave with the enemy. Qyburn has reports that The Second Sons have been spotted at Dragonstone and the new Prince of Dorne has vouched for Daenerys and is marching for King’s Landing.

Brienne and her group return to Winterfell. Varys has just arrived at Winterfell and Sansa has no interest in hearing what he has to say. Varys has a scene with Littlefinger reminiscing on their different paths. A few hours later Arya is held on trial for being a dangerous presence and for threatening the Lady of Winterfell. Littlefinger smirks at Arya. Lyanna Mormont will suggest she should be executed instead of exile. The crowd goes cold on Arya. Arya states she would never hurt her family, unlike the man sitting next to her family. She reveals a letter from Cersei stating Lord Baelish helped her put her son on the throne by turning the City Watch on Lord Eddard. She hearing him say ‘I did warn you not to trust me.’ She also says Lord Baelish orchestrated her son’s demise with the Tyrells. ‘Well Lord Baelish, is this true?’ Sansa asks. Littlefinger confidently replies ‘Of course not.’

Robin Arryn stands up and he remembers her mother whimpering over killing her husband and repeatedly humming the words ‘For Sweet Petyr.’ Varys steps up remembering their last meeting in King’s Landing where Lord Baelish told his philosophy ‘Chaos is a Ladder.’ Sansa then stands up saying she saw Littlefinger kill Lysa Arryn and all of the horrible things he has done is all part of his sick fantasy from them him and her to be the king and queen of the ashes.

Littlefinger denies all of it and tries to reassure her. Sansa reveals she set this trial up for him. After hearing of Highgarden’s fall and hearing Arya was alive. With the help of Bran she took the time to send an anonymous raven to Cersei saying she had Littlefinger and all she wants is proof. All she had to do is stay close to Littlefinger and distance herself from her sister, so she would be forced to pick up the clues she had placed. Littlefinger looks around for support, but is backed into the corner as everyone has turned on him. He looks back at Sansa who coldly says Lord Baelish is sentenced to death.

Littlefinger is dragged into the courtyard. Brienne takes out Oathkeeper, but Sansa says let her take it. Arya smirks at Littlefinger as he looks terrified. Sansa asks if he has any final words. Then the smile returns and he tries to look at her and say ‘Well played Lady Stark.’ She answers ‘I learned from the best.’ She swings Oathkeeper straight down onto the wooden block.

On the boat to White Harbour the first snow pellets begin falling down. The Hound sits alone with a bottle of wine while Tyrion, Davos and Jaime share a drink together. Jon and Dany are in the brig reminiscing on their childhoods and the future. They start to see some similarities in each other and then Dany kisses him. Jon isn’t sure and then after the second kiss he stops complaining.

Later on Arya will show some distaste against Sansa for how she put her in the dark. Sam finally arrives at Winterfell and is shocked to be face to face with the Red Woman again. She reassures him that she’s only here for when the undead return. Sam is reunited with Bran who tells him about Jon’s true heritage. In my version Rhaegar and Lyanna weren’t madly in love, but they shared the same passion to be free from arranged marriages and having to live a high standard. They don’t get married, but they have a one night stand. Rhaegar is forced to leave as Robert formed a rebellion because of his decision to run away with her. They end on a pretty bad note. Jon’s true name will be still be Aegon Targaryen and he’ll be shagging Dany while we learn this. How poetic.

At Eastwatch, Tormund will try cheer up Howland. Beric will notice the White Walkers at the foot of The Wall. Same as the show The Night King burns a hole through The Wall. The three named characters get down safely and make a dash for their lives as the undead army led by an undead dragon march through the broken Wall.

There you have it The Blog Complainer Improved version of Game of Thrones Season 7.

Stay tuned for the next three parts as we finally tackle the season that inspired the creation of this series. I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out.

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