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Winter is Here: Game of Thrones Season 8

So this is how it all ended. Arguably the most ground breaking TV show of this entire decade ends with Bronn as Master of Coin. I don’t know about you, but something has gone horribly wrong here.

Spoilers for anything Game of Thrones related!

Game of Thrones is finally done! It was something I imagine most of us were anticipating on how the show runners planned to wrap up this grand story and another percentage of us were probably wondering how the show runners were going to mess it up. With a year in between 7 and 8, I remained optimistic as maybe they have learned from Season 7 and they were going take the Red Dead II approach and just take their time at crafting the best ending they can. That’s what I would do, I’m not sure about Dan & Dave.

This is the end, why did it had to end this way.

The First Two Episodes

Season 8 is one episode shorter than Season 7. A bit of a worry, but I’m sure they have this all under control. Then we find out that two of the 6 episodes has the main characters just hanging around at Winterfell waiting for The White Walkers to come and kill them all!! I liked these episodes at first but that was before seeing the last three episodes.

Episode 1 is the reunion episode. The best reunion is Tyrion and Sansa, as they have a great bond and also Sansa points out how big of an idiot Tyrion was last season. It’s a shame she never pointed out how stupid it was to hide in the crypts during a White Walker invasion. I also liked Jaime reuniting with Bran as it’s a good example on how much they have changed since Season 1. The best moment in the episode is when Dany tells Sam that she executed his brother and father. John Bradley nailed it!

Episode 2 reminded me of the Citadel DLC pack from Mass Effect 3 as the pack is about having a party with your crew and getting drunk before leaving to save the world. It’s the same here as Tyrion and some other characters get drunk by the fire. The best moment in this episode is when Jaime knights Brienne, it was a very satisfying moment and she is definitely deserved it. I don’t know about you, but Brienne is the best character of this season, maybe followed by Ghost and then Tormund as he’s just a clown at this point. The main highlight of these episodes and this season is the character moments which is the only writing aspect that actually works.

The definition of satisfying


Now we’re getting serious! We have been waiting since the very first scene of the show to see the living fight the dead. It’s been a very long build up and I feel confident saying they really messed this up!

You wanted a long night, well good luck trying to see the long night as I swear I was looking at a black curtain for the majority of the episode!! There is a cool dragon vs dragon fight in this episode, I think it was a dragon fight? All I could see was purple and red flames once every 2 minutes. When I first saw this episode I was so confused as to why the Dothraki just charged blindly into the dark. Back then I thought I must have missed something then I saw other people online complaining about it thus answering my confusion.

What was their plan here!! They had Bran sitting in the godswood waiting for The Night King to come to him because they have sort of connection that D & D are as confused as we are to what that even is?!?! Their plan is to have Dany and Jon burn The Night King when he gets to Bran, which they’re not even sure if that will work or if The Night King will even show? I’m more concern about what if they accidentally killed Bran, as dragon fire is very vicious! Especially since Dany abandons the plan once the Dothraki fall and roasts the battle like crazy. It’s super dark and I’m surprised you can see who is catching the flames. You can tell it’s the same guys who wrote Season 7 as we’re watching all of the main characters fight a million zombies, get pinned down and they keep bouncing back up over and over again. Especially Arya and Sam, as one is invincible and the other should have died 40 minutes ago.

For the night is dark and I can’t see shit.

Another thing you will notice often is the show’s attempts at shocking you! I love bringing up Arya’s stabbing from season 6 as it perfectly demonstrates the current state of these half-assed shocking moments. The story is getting pretty boring and we want to remind the audience that we’re still a shocking show. So let’s have Sansa and Arya pointlessly bicker when really they’re faking it because that’s unexpected! People probably think Jon is going to kill The Night King, so we’ll have him pinned down by a dragon and then have Arya drop in from the sky or something and kill The Night King. This goes against all their characters, but it will make Arya fans cheer and it will save us the time of having to come up with a backstory for this one dimensional villain.

What a let-down! The death scene itself is so stupid, especially since it’s revealed in the behind scenes featurette that Maisie Williams jumped at The Night King from a mini trampoline inside the crowd of White Walkers!! It’s frustrating that the writers have completely missed the point of the entire show! This whole storyline was a complete waste of time as the real threat is Cersei and The Night King is just a rejected MCU villain. Surprisingly this is not even the worst episode of the season.

The definition of unsatisfying.


We’re going to rush through this one as the next episode is the real gem!! I don’t really remember much about this episode except it features more sitting around at Winterfell for ages and Missandei dies. We know Jon is the true heir to the throne and this is the episode where he tells his sisters. Sansa tells Tyrion immediately after promising Jon  that’ll she keep a secret. I’m guessing so she can get back at Dany? This is also the episode where Dany starts feeling all mopey and kind of distant, which comes out of nowhere and feels incredibly forced.

Jaime and Brienne finally get down to business and then he leaves her for Cersei 10 minutes later. I thought season 7 was all about Jaime moving on from Cersei and now he wants to run back into her arms. It’s not that bad, but why do that to Brienne, you ass! Easily the stupidest moment in the episode is Rhaegal’s death and Euron Fratjoy’s ambush. Last season the ballistas were shown to be quite ineffective against Drogon, but now they completely destroy Rhaegal and their fleet!!!!

It’s funny Jaime has been the worst and best character at different points on this show.


The Bells is so bad that it’s hard to believe this episode shares the same show as other amazing moments like The Red Wedding and Tyrion’s Trial. I am being a bit harsh as like every episode this season the acting, the technical work, cinematography and production work is all top notch. Jaime and Tyrion’s final goodbye is one of my favourite moments of the entire season. Too bad it’s overshadowed by the actual best moment of the season – Cleganebowl or the long awaited fight between Sandor Clegane and his undead brother. The set-up to the fight makes no sense and the actual fight itself is just dumb fan service that helps distract you from the stinking turd that is the rest of the episode.

Cersei was winning last episode because it was convenient for the plot and now it’s time for Dany to take King’s Landing. So she’s screwed and the ballistas are useless again. The defining moment of this episode is when Cersei surrenders and this when all hope is lost. Daenerys becoming the Mad Queen easily tops Arya getting stabbed 3 million times and Arya killing The Night King as it’s a twist that completely ruins Daenerys and the whole show.

D & D what have you done!

The excuse is because she crucified the slavers and executed Varys and Randyll Tarly so that justifies the mass genocide on King’s Landing. I disagree as Daenerys did all those actions for the people or her children. She came to Westeros for the people and to prove that she’s nothing like her father. She wants to see those who wronged her children meet horrible fates. If she just destroyed The Red Keep then it’ll all be rainbows and roses. Nah, that’s too predictable, let’s have her burn thousands of innocent women and children so then we can have Invincible Arya run around in the wreckage!!! There is a lot of speculation that this is one of George’s ideas. If that is the case THEN HOW DID THESE CLOWNS MESS UP THIS STORYLINE, WHEN THEY KNEW IT WOULD END THIS WAY!!!!!

The sucky death pile continues with Varys getting a lame exit to the show. Euron’s final scene with Jaime is so dumb. Jaime dying in Cersei’s arm I’m not a fan of. While they never confirmed the Valonqar theory in the show, I think we all would have preferred if Jaime finally ended it all with Cersei by killing her or if Invincible Arya killed her whilst also dying in the progress.

Oh Cersei how were you wasted this season.

The Final Episode

The last episode of Game of Thrones is underwhelming. Daenerys is evil now and since this is the final episode this has to be wrapped up like right now! So the stupidest scene in this episode is Dany’s death. The romance between Jon and Dany continues to be the worst romance in the entire series and their final scene together I found it laughable. Also Drogon burns down the Iron Throne for no reason. I’m guessing he thinks the chair killed his mother not the guy standing over her corpse.

So here we are at the moment people have been looking forward to more than the ending itself. Who will ultimately rule the seven kingdoms? Something I was never to concerned about, but if I had to chose it would be Sansa. She has the right attitude to be a great ruler. After everything she’s been through she’s the character that most deserves to sit on the throne. The only problem with my guess is it’s too predictable and this is Game of Thrones people! This show is made of left field shock value that makes no sense and betrays the story and the characters. So do I need to explain my disappointment and annoyance over Bran the Broken becoming the king of the Six Kingdoms.

The show ends a lot more open ended then I would have preferred. Brienne and Pod are apart of the Kingsguard and Davos is master of ships, which is fine. Tyrion is hand of the king for the third time in his life, which 6 seasons ago I would have loved to have seen again. I’ve already mentioned Ser Bronn of the waste of space and Sam as the grand maester is so dumb for as many reasons as The War of the Five Kings being called A Song of Ice and Fire. The show ends with showing the Starks having the time of their lives. Sansa is the independent ruler of Winterfell, Invincible Arya is going west of Westeros, which I believe will get as much development as Bran’s Three-Eyed Raven powers and Jon is sent to the Night’s Watch. Don’t know what he’ll do there, but I guess he can be with Ghost now because the show is over.

The definition of embarrassingly unsatisfying.

A Disappointing Ending

It’s so sad to say this, but Game of Thrones has one of the most disappointing endings in the history of Television. Before this it was probably Lost, which is something George R R Martin said he wanted to avoid with his books. So Jon was destined to come back to life to kill Daenerys apparently, but Melisandre was hinting that Arya was Azor Ahai. The only purpose of that Aegon Targaryen stuff is to make Dany upset and I guess turn evil. Bran spend the last two seasons doing nothing and his reward is becoming the king?!?!? Arya’s purpose is to kill The Night King. Jaime is meant to crawl back to Cersei after all the terrible stuff she did and The White Walkers is just a red herring as the Throne is the thing they should be focusing on. The only character who gets a satisfying conclusion is Theon as he fully redeems himself for all the bad stuff he did.

Everything else about this show is amazing which is so annoying that the writing sucks. It’s a very rushed conclusion to one of my favourite shows and I don’t see myself hurrying up to watch it all over again. My final rating for Season 8 is a 4/10 to 5/10. There is potential littered through out the season, but the execution was terrible.

I’m very much over Game of Thrones, but I’m not done with it as I’m currently working on my own ending for Game of Thrones, which should be fun. Until then I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out.

A end of an era. Thought it would be more epic. Oh well, I can get back to The Simpsons now.

The Anti Blog Complainer’s Final Passage

Hello beautiful people, it’s the man formally known as The Anti Blog Complainer. I found a way out, but it involved one tragic decision. I told the god that I will no longer be The Anti Blog Complainer. He agreed so I just left and that was the end of that. So he was right. The Anti Blog Complainer did die in this review, but he was reborn as The Antie Blog Complainer. Haha Haha I definitely fooled him, did I fool you too? I won’t be using it anytime soon as for now I’m going to work on my TV pilot, which this time, will be very real. Farewell my beautiful people as it will be a while until I return. Thanks for being there for me as this has been fun.

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