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The BC’s 1 Year Anniversary Special

Hello, it’s me, The Blog Complainer. Come in, come in! It’s my birthday today and, can you believe it, I’m one year old. A lot of significant things happen when you’re one.  You graduate from crawling to trying to walk. By now you shouldn’t have a massive bald spot. Also teeth, you’ll have little chompers to bite mummy with … I mean food, because you can eat actual food now! Unfortunately you still need someone to do everything for you, but at least you’re cute.

Speaking of cute, for my birthday my mum gave me a voucher for my one year anniversary.  I wisely spent that money at the plastic surgery clinic, so check me out!

cropped-37094885_1979729108737958_6737925955022487552_n1 (1).jpg
The new me

I have been meaning to change from white stripes to grey for ages!! Also I needed to spray some grey paint on my green face to add character. Hope you like it because it’s irreversible and vouchers are hard to come by.

That’s about it for celebrations.  Let’s move on to the promised Q&A.  I have 10 questions here and we’re going to go through them together. I thank all of those who kindly sent me some questions for this post.

Question 1: Hi BC, I would like to know when we might see some more of your own writing?

Great question. If you didn’t already know, my big goal in life is to write books. Making stories is my true passion. I actually don’t know when you’ll see more of my own works, but when I come up with a good idea I’ll be sure to show it off. I am currently developing a potential book. When that’s ready you’ll certainly hear about it. For now all I have is my recent short story Mortal Life, which I recommend you check out.

Question 2: How many times do you watch something for a review?

Normally just one viewing is all I need to review a film. I do Google additional information if there is something I want to add to the review. New releases I prefer to watch once as I like the review to reflect my initial reaction to the movie. When I’m at home it’s a lot easier as I have the ability to pause and rewind.

Question 3: How long do you wait between viewings?

Interesting question. It all really depends on how I feel about a film. I don’t normally see a movie twice at the cinema, but Avengers: Endgame I made an exception for.  I watched it three days after my first viewing as I really wanted to do a spoiler analysis. If there is a movie I like, I normally just wait for the DVD release so it can join my big collection at home. Time constraints make it hard sometimes to return to movies, so a re-watching might take over a year. I also have a group of special favourites that I try to watch at least once a year.

Arguably the best trilogy ever made, even if it’s ten hours long.


Question 4: Do you ever change your opinion after you see something a second time?

No, I’m pretty confident with my feelings. Unless it’s been years since I have seen a film, like The Jungle Book for example. Then ratings may change.

Question 5: Were the Oscars correct in their selection of best picture this year? I’d be interested to hear your views.

I have discussed this in my 2019 Oscars Post so I’ll keep this brief. The Oscars made some odd choices in this year’s awards, but their Best Picture choice was just the wrong pick. To be honest I don’t even think Green Book should have been nominated for this category. It isn’t a bad movie by any means, but it definitely didn’t deserve to win.

Question 6: Do you think most movies now days are too predictable?

When a formula works, why change it? We humans aren’t big fans of change. It’s the safe and familiar that most of us leech onto. Studios realise this so that explains why most movies are very much the same these days. I think horror, big blockbusters and superhero movies are the easiest to figure out the whole story in the first 30 minutes. When a rare movie does break conventions then I welcome the refreshing change.

Question 7: Can you remember your first cinema experience?

No, not really as I was only 4 when I saw Finding Nemo at the cinema. I do remember going to see Finding Dory and how disappointed I was. I guess the earliest cinema experience I remember is seeing Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties after school with a friend. I remember the movie being so boring that we just run up and down the stairs in this big empty cinema. It was great fun!

GARFIELD: A TALE OF TWO KITTIES, Garfield, (voiced by Bill Murray), 2006, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Ce
I did see this movie again 4 or 5 years ago and it still sucks.

Question 8: Which Marvel related project from Disney+ are you looking forward to and why?

Most of the Disney+ shows don’t really interest me except for the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars reboot. As for Marvel, none of them really appeal to me as much as the old Marvel Netflix shows that were canned last year. I guess I’ll go with Wanda & Vision as I don’t mind Scarlet Witch and Elizabeth Olsen is one of the best actresses in the MCU.

Question 9: What box office prediction would you make for the rest of the year?

Box office predictions are something I’ve never thought to do. We’ve got two Disney remakes, a Pixar film, another Marvel film and Star Wars coming out this year. Even if they suck, at least four or maybe all of them will make a billion dollars. My only real wish is that Sonic the Hedgehog makes more money than Captain Marvel as it’s a movie that really deserves to be seen by everybody.

Question 10: What has been your greatest achievement during your time blogging?

I think I’m only at the start of my story so I don’t think I have really made any great achievements with my blog yet although I am proud to be celebrating my first anniversary.  I am also appreciative of my very kind and welcoming fan-base, which is another dream of mine, to have an audience interested in the pieces of writing that I create. So thanks guys.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Sonic then you’re doing a disservice to mankind. 

That’s the end of another Blog Complainer post. Hope to see you all back here again in another year’s time. It’s a good time to be going to the movies as there are more titles worth talking about in the coming months. Until then, I have been The Blog Complainer, signing out.

Cameron Black

I review stuff and hate on everything you ever loved. But I’m still a super nice guy and make pretty entertaining content.

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  1. You were 4 when Finding Nemo came out? I feel so old, lol!

    Anyway, happy blogoversary!

  2. Cameron Black

    Thanks. I felt the same way when I saw Finding Dory and the Incredibles 2. Where I was in a cinema full of kids who weren’t even alive when the original movies were release.

  3. 18cinemalane

    Congratulations on your 1st anniversary! My blog also celebrated its first anniversary this February, so I can definitely relate to the excitement of such an occasion! It’ll be interesting to see what questions and answers will be in store for the next anniversary, as this post was fun to read! Definitely looking forward to it!

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