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My First Ever Pen Review!!

Oh hi! Welcome to a new site called The Pen and I’m your host, The Pen Complainer.

You were probably subscribed for my old content which involved reviewing movies and other entertainment stuff. Well, I was kind of growing out of that and I just had a revelation that I was never really into movie reviews but PENS!

Those old series that you subscribed to see each week are done. I’m over it! I’m entering a new faze called the pen faze. So let’s commence with the pen talk!

Pens are a fascinating tool. You click the button and BOOM, your ballpoint pen is at the ready. Then you’re free to do what you like with it. (As long as you use some sort of flat paper like surface.) Once you have your piece of paper you are ready to use your pen.

Today we’ll be using a custom made pen from back when I was known as The Blog Complainer.


As of right now this is a “one of a kind” pen. (So that makes it a special type of pen.)  Like any pen, it can be used for various tasks such as:

  • Writing Stuff.
  • Handwriting Stuff.
  • Screenwriting Stuff
  • Fancywriting Stuff
  • Footwriting Stuff
  • Backscratching Stuff
  • Nosepicking Stuff
  • PokingPeople Stuff
  • DrawingonPeople’sFaces Stuff

And let’s not forget crafting the perfect signature.

This particular pen fits the tone that my old self was into. Black, white and grey was my theme because I always viewed myself as a very dull person. This pen comes with your traditional pen face and it can tuck away by pressing the silver button. The barrel of the pen is a nice smooth surface that shines in the light as evident by this photo.

It also has my old avatar on it with The Blog Complainer title which of course shows it’s my pen. If your fingers get sore the pen is stocked with a nice black rubbery piece for your finger convenience. The pen is also stocked with a fine clip so it can be inserted onto your collared shirt or stuck off the end of your files or whatever you see fit.

There aren’t any negatives with this pen as it does the job just fine. It works, so that’s an easy 5 out of 5 baby! This particular pen wins the first ever The Pen Complainer’s Badge of Approval!

Wow, that was fun wasn’t it. I would recommend you try this pen out but sadly only one of these Blog Complainer pens exist. Sorry, my pen is awesome! Don’t worry folks I have a whole drawer full of pens for future reviews so I’ve got you covered.


Anyway I hope you enjoyed the first ever Pen Complainer pen review. If you did, Like the post. Comment down below on which is your favourite pen and don’t forget to subscribe for more pen related content. Have a happy first day of April everyone and until then I’m your Pen Reviewer, signing out!




Cameron Black

I review stuff and hate on everything you ever loved. But I’m still a super nice guy and make pretty entertaining content.

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  1. To paraphrase a Garfield cartoon: My favorite pen is the Schlocko pen. It can ride short sentences, long sentences, forwards, backwards, and even multiple languages! Get yours today!

  2. K at the Movies

    I salute you for reviewing something so controversial yet so brave. While there are certainly many pens to be reviewed I would love to hear your opinions on other writing utensils such as pencils and markers. Time flies I remember back when you where the film complainer, good times but we must keep moving forward.

  3. Cameron Black

    Maybe someday The Pen Complainer will strike again and thanks for the insightful comment, it was a good read.

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