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Shorty: Us

The last horror movie for this month is Us. Jordan Peele is back with another weird and unique horror flick that will definitely make you think. In the Watchlist I reviewed his previous movie Get Out which I very much enjoyed and I have been really excited to see what Us had to offer.

Golden scissors, haven’t seen those before.

Us is about Adelaide and her family. They go down to Santa Cruz and settle into their beach house. Adelaide is a bit on edge as this is the same place she had a traumatic experience when she was a child. The movie spends a fair amount of time giving us a chance to care for this family as they have a really good dynamic together.

Things get heated when their doppelgangers gatecrash the house and decide to try and murder them. From here it’s a full on horror movie where the family have to fend off the evil doppel people. People die in this movie and it’s quite violent and the main characters go through some pretty dark stuff.

I was quite surprised by how much I liked Us as it’s very unique. Like Jordan Peele’s last movie the cinematography is stunning and it’s very well written. The musical score is probably the best I have heard so far this year. Especially the piece they played in the trailers for this movie. (It’s something I’ll be humming for hours.)

The Red Pajamas cult is an exclusive club for people who adore red pajamas.

Lupita Nyong’o is fantastic in this movie as she does a great job playing both the main character and her evil doppelganger. Everyone else in the main family and that other family are great at both their normal characters and their doppelgangers. Lupita takes the cake as she was the most compelling character and her doppel’s voice is really impressive.

Like Get Out there are some interesting themes that relate back to our world. Unlike Get Out it’s not shown in front of your eyes, instead it’s more spoon fed and you’re just left to figure it out, but this also leads into my negatives. (Also a minor spoiler warning.)

Us is great but whilst I loved it the main message of the film was unclear. The first scene in the movie gives you some general knowledge on what it’s about and as the movie progresses you connect two and two together. Sadly as it progresses it leaves more questions than I think it intended. I was not a fan at all of how it ended. Without giving it away you think you’ve got it but then the movie throws another curve-ball and now nothing makes any sense. A rewatch is most definitely required here, so that’s why I didn’t go into full spoiler talk. (If you want, we can discuss it in more detail in the comments.)

Especially about that ending!

Overall I think Us is another good title under this director’s belt. As to which one of his movies I prefer, I’m not sure. I’ll probably wait until I can watch them at home before I decide. I’m giving it an 8/10, it might change after a rewatch but we’ll say 8 for now. If you liked Get Out or you’re really into horror or thought provoking movies then I highly recommend it.

So, it’s the end of March and it’s the first of April tomorrow. Maybe this month I should be a little bit spontaneous, like I should start doing some actual blogging or maybe give up movies and become a let’s-player. Or just maybe I should start a fashion blog.

Nah, screw it, I’m just going to close down the whole site and start collecting pens. Pens are such a fascinating thing to own. That’s what I’m going to do folks. I have been The Pen Complainer, signing out.

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