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Oscars 2019: My Thoughts

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We’re 55 days into 2019 and the Oscars think 2018 is still relevant! I’ve already discussed these categories in detail so let’s just focus on the results. We’ll start with the winners that I’m happy with and then we’ll move onto the big disappointments for me in this year’s Oscars.

Notice: This years Oscars featured no host, no Popular Movie category, No awards presented during The Ad Breaks and please don’t get mad at our choices!


This year I watched the Oscars live which I never normally do but since I’ve started the BC I felt it appropriate that I sit through the hostless Oscars, the soppy speeches, THE ADS, all of the pointless ramblings and those musical numbers which I feel only serve to fill in time.

The first category I actually clapped for was when Roma won the cinematography category. Alfonso Cuaron gave not one but three soppy speeches which also included Best Foreign Film and Best Director which I’m perfectly happy with. It was not a surprise to me that Roma won Best Foreign Film. Alfonso Cuaron definitely deserved these awards though it would have been nice if The Favourite got a look in somewhere here but sadly it was snubbed at this award show.

Let’s talk about the award that it did win. I pretty much guessed correctly all of the actor categories this time around. It was a great move by the Oscars to choose Olivia Colman (The Favourite) for Best Actress as she definitely deserved it. I approve of Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody) and Mahershala Ali (Green Book).  I am yet to watch Regina King’s award winning movie (If Beale Street Could Talk) but I definitely will now.

That’s pretty much it with positives as most of these awards I’m very indifferent to so let’s get onto the bad side of this award show.

Yay I almost got as many awards as Bohemian Rhapsody but I got the same amount as Black Panther and Green Book.


I was very worried early on when Black Panther won Best Costume Design and Production Design. I guess I can kind of give it Costume Design (though other movies really deserved it) but Best Production Design is a big No-No as I would argue Mary Poppins Returns deserved the award  more than this film. I was also so annoyed that Isle of Dogs lost Best Original Score to the super mediocre Black Panther.

I’m disappointed First Man was robbed of many awards as I felt it should have won at least one of the sound awards but I’m guessing since the movie featured no Queen music that’s an immediate fail. At least it won Best Visual Effects, take it or leave it I guess. Also Green Book winning Best Original Screenplay made me pretty damn annoyed as again other films deserved this spot.

The last award I’ll mention before THE BIG AWARD is Best Original Song. As I said in my predictions I would have loved to see When a Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings win but that’s like wishing for Hereditary to be nominated for something. I bet no one was surprised that Shallow won but I imagine people were shocked that A Star is Born won as many awards as The Favourite.

For the Best Picture of 2018 I am not surprised that my pick didn’t win. I am surprised though that my picks of what the Academy would go for were completely wrong. I guess I overlooked Green Book because of the controversy although it still shouldn’t have won. I don’t hate Green Book but compared to the other movies nominated this year it’s quite unremarkable and I think it’s a movie where in 5 (or even less) years people are going to wonder why this movie was even nominated to begin with. I’m not the only one who thinks this way so I’m guessing this tops the other three controversies under The Oscars 2019’s belt.

The realisation that Black Panther lost to another African American related film.

That’s it from me. If you want to share your opinions, leave your thoughts in the comments. I have been The Blog Complainer and I’m ready to put 2018 behind me.  See you next time!




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  1. The Animation Commendation

    I got 14/24 predictions correct myself and was also shocked by the three awards that Black Panther won.

  2. Cameron Black

    I think you did better than me. I’m still annoyed that Black Panther, Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody got more awards than The Favourite!

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