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Oscar Nominations: My Thoughts and Predictions

Hey everyone it’s me the complainer here. So the Oscar nominations were announced last Tuesday and I had the pleasure of watching it live, on my tablet. My experience can be summed up with such words as: cringe-worthy, frustrating, time wasting, boring and embarrassing, for me not the people who made this trash.

Anyway I thought I would just quickly give you my thoughts on which nominee should win and which one I think the Oscars would pick. Just to note before we start I have not seen every movie released so there is no way I can comment on everything that was announced.

Please Shoot Us

So I guess we should start off with the main event and that is Best Picture aka the best movie of 2018 and, what a shock, most of my favourite movies of last year were completely snubbed, hooray! Here are The Academy’s eight nominees for Best Picture: Black Panther, BlacKkKlansman, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, Green Book, Roma, A Star is Born and Vice. What a really interesting selection of movies we have got here, I don’t think I could possibly choose a favourite.

We’ll work from the least worthy, in my opinion, to the most. The first movie I would remove is Vice as this is the only movie I never got a chance to see. I hope to catch up on it before the actual presentation but until then let’s proceed.

My actual first elimination goes to Black Panther as I don’t think it should be on here to begin with. It’s not because I’m against comic book movies being nominated for Best Picture, I think we had a pretty good batch from 2017 so what makes this one so much better than any of those movies? I think Black Panther is just painfully average and is just super overrated. Up next is BlacKkKlansman and Green Book, both fine movies, both better than Black Panther but in my mind not Best Picture material. Bohemian Rhapsody I would knock off too. A Star is Born can go too even though it is the first movie I would actually consider putting on this nominee list. So that just leaves Roma and The Favourite the only two movies I would consider to be Best Picture material as I would give both of these movies my Blog Complainer Approved Seal. But I think The Favourite edges it a bit for me as it’s the only movie here to actually impress me on how fantastic it is. Just to clarify, The Favourite is my favourite!

But which one do I think The Oscars would pick, well probably none of my picks. Normally the Oscars like to pick the most popular movie of the time, meaning right now not ten years later or the movie that would piss off the least amount of people. Whichever one looks the best on a headline. So The Favourite I doubt will win. Roma I have high confidence in saying it won’t win Best Picture as it’s very foreign and different, but I have no doubt it would win the best foreign movie category. Green Book and BlacKkKlansman probably won’t win because of it’s subject matter and it’s got a bit controversy on it’s shoulders and we don’t want that. Black Panther I think is just there to prove that they pick Comic Book movies too and it’s kind of like when they were convinced to add Lord of the Rings into the Oscars. I think it’s a three way tie between Bohemian Rhapsody, A Star is Born and Vice. Bohemian Rhapsody looks crowd pleasing, A Star is Born features famous people and Vice looks like a great movie that will be instantly forgotten in the coming years. Or the unlikely choice Black Panther will win and the Oscars will be praised for breaking new ground!

A strong year for diversity.

Up next are the actors categories and we’re just going to speed through these. My Best Actor choice would be Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury as I felt he gave the most distinct performance out of any of the guys nominated. Best Actress I think should go to Olivia Colman from The Favourite as she was the best part of the movie and gave a terrific and memorable performance. Mahershala Ali as Don Shirley from Green Book should win Best Supporting Actor as the performances from the main two actors were the best part of that movie. Lastly, for Best Supporting Actress, since Emma Stone and Rachel Wiesz are both nominated it will be one of these two as I felt they were equally great.

Best Director I would give to Alfonso Cuaron for Roma as it felt like it was his passion project and he really just put it all into this film, if not him then Yorgo Lanthimos for The Favourite as he did a terrific job too and I don’t mind which of these guys wins. Best Original Screenplay and The Favourite and Roma are here, hmmmm tough choice. Best Adapted Screenplay I would give it to The Ballad of Buster Scruggs because it should win something as it was booted off the Best Picture list because we needed to make room for Black Panther.

For Class President

How about Best Animated movie, this sounds like my preferred area. I have only seen 4 out of the 5 movies so take a guess on which one of these I haven’t seen. My pick would be Isle of Dogs as it’s my favourite animated film of the year but again it may be too different and I know The Oscars are going to pick one of the superhero movies or one of the Disney films. That’s why my guess is The Incredibles 2.

Let’s move onto Original Score and it’s all subjective of course but my personal pick would be Isle of Dogs as it’s got the most distinctive soundtrack out of all these other movies. I think I’ll end it on the Best Original Song because this list goes on for a while and I won’t bore you by reciting my thoughts on every single technical aspect in a movie as it’ll probably end with me saying either The Favourtie or Roma again and again. I really liked the song When A Cowboy Trades his Spurs for Wings from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs although I know it won’t win it’ll probably be Shallow from A Star is Born. But this is the only song I like as it fits perfectly with what’s currently going on in the movie and I’m a big fan of country music so that probably helps.

The Most Underrated Movie of the Year!

That’s about it, I mainly just wanted to focus on the Best Picture category as I’m fairly indifferent to all the other categories. If you have something to say about these nominations or if you want to discuss my choices then leave a comment below, I would love to hear it.

That’s it for another Blog Complainer post and I’ll see you again in another Blog Complainer post. Ta Ta.

Also if you have seen both of these movies: Pick One.



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