The Non Disney Live Action Remakes

Hello, it's me, the child friendly BC (me and the normal BC are almost identical except I love children).  With the recent talk of the live action Lion King remake, along with the release of three similar remakes coming out next year, today we're going to look at some films that were made without Disney's … Continue reading The Non Disney Live Action Remakes

Shorty: Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines is a movie that I was expecting to suck. Surprisingly it doesn’t suck as much as I thought it would. I don’t know why Hollywood does this but it’s always the good movies that have the worst trailers. Especially with this one that gives way too much of the plot away in the trailer … Continue reading Shorty: Mortal Engines

Why I didn’t like WONDER WOMAN!!!

Introduction: WONDER WOMAN is a pretty terrible movie. Once again it’s made by hack writers who have realised that audiences appreciate some effort being put into their favourite superhero blockbuster cash grabs. I am grateful for their efforts but although some things are better, some things are alot worse. This is the first standalone DC movie … Continue reading Why I didn’t like WONDER WOMAN!!!

Creed II: The Boxing Event of a Lifetime!

We’re finally at December and hasn’t it been a great year? (While overlooking all the tragic and bad stuff, that is.) But anyway, it’s the Christmas month where everything is all jolly and cheerful and nothing is more cheerful than watching two brick houses punching each other in the face. Creed II came out almost … Continue reading Creed II: The Boxing Event of a Lifetime!