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Widows – Why You Need To See It Right Now!!

Widows is a great movie and even if you haven’t clicked on this post yet just go and watch it. Trust me, the less you know the better. This post won’t be going anywhere so just go now! Get Out Of Here! I’ll keep using mildly aggressive words to scare off the newcomers! If you don’t turn off your phone or computer right now, then you’re contributing to the downfall of the actual good movies and promoting more trash like Fantastic Beasts! Please go. I’ll ruin it for you if you stay. Oh God, they are actual real tears coming from my eyes. I’m going to squeal!!!!!!!!!

(Is there an Oscar spot for unnecessarily dramatic posts?)

Hello and welcome to The Blog where I talk about things and you read them and then you either disagree or agree. On this website I normally discuss a film that is one of the most popular for that week and if I don’t release it on that first week no one is going to give a baloney about it. Normally that most popular movie is the one that lassos the masses into the theater and most of the time that movie is complete baloney trash that is also covered in jam. But not tonight because I have recently seen a film that is neither a piece of baloney nor a baloney sandwich covered in some guy’s hair. Tonight’s film is like a rare piece of some rich tasty ravioli, with no baloney by the way. That’s why films like the one I saw tonight are so good and rich that the lassoed masses will immediately reject it and go back to their bland Big Macs that have no taste besides your belly will shut up for a few hours.

Did my plan to make you hungry work?

Widows has Liam Neeson and his crew of misfits dying in the first 5 minutes after a robbery gone wrong. This is when we are introduced to the widows.  They are the wives of the dead criminals and Liam Neeson’s wife Veronica is threatened by her husband’s dealers to pay her husband’s debts. Veronica forms an alliance with the other widows to perform a heist that her husband had been planning and right there is two thirds of the movie.

Most of the movie is building up to this heist that these women have to accomplish. What makes this so interesting is that these women weren’t fully aware of their husband’s criminal activities and they have no idea how the criminal world works. So it’s kind of like the first season of Breaking Bad where they’re just getting started and they kind of suck at being criminals.

But in between the husband’s deaths and the heist itself, there are tons of subplots going on, there are 4 main characters, about 7 or 8 side characters and the movie is roughly 2 hours long. You’re probably expecting me to complain about this but surprisingly I’m not. Steve McQueen did an excellent job at balancing all the story-lines so that they get the right amount of screen time and they appear when they have to. My only real complaint is since this is based off a Mini Series, that features a huge cast and it’s is only a 2 hour long movie, for some people it might be too much to handle all at once, which I get, I sometimes felt that way. Especially with the political drama and some unexpected twists that would be hard to grasp on first viewings. I also kind of wished this was a TV show so that it flows more naturally and things had more time to develop instead of being all crammed into 2 hours. But it really doesn’t bother me – it still works.

I would be all up for a TV adaptation of this movie with the same cast and crew.

Back to the characters. I’m just going to mention the standouts for me because there are so many characters and everyone gave a great performance. Viola Davis as Veronica, the leader of the Widows or whatever, is the character who gets the most attention and the one you are most likely to sympathise with. I really liked her character as we see her slowly descend into darkness and Viola Davis does an outstanding job. Michelle Rodriguez and Elizabeth Debicki as Veronica’s partners in crime were also great and I also got behind their characters. It’s great to finally watch a movie where everyone on the team is likeable and interesting instead of being annoying, very irritating and you wish that their heads were caved in.

Lastly, Liam Neeson as Veronica’s dead husband and Daniel Kaluuya as the evil asshole. In the few scenes Liam Neeson is in he’s great and Daniel Kaluuya always gives a great performance and this one is no different. In this movie he works as a ruthless enforcer for one of the villains. His character is just an evil scumbag and he’s someone you want to see get the most gruesome death possible, like getting hit by a bus and then be trampled on by 200 people and then run over by five more buses and then trampled on by 200 more people just for the hell of it.

Like Boy Erased this movie can be pretty heavy. It’s not like Ocean’s 8 where it’s so much fun to rob people when we are super perfect at everything because we’re female characters written by 500 year old men. This movie presented realistic characters who go through grief, depression and racism with a good chunk of this movie taking place in a dodgy part of Chicago with plenty of political corruption and violence.

It’s a good drama with alot of things going on to keep you interested until the heist and this time the heist wasn’t planned 5 years in advance by some criminal in a jail who knows a museum inside and out! (God I hate that movie!) The heist is performed by normal people who do mess up alot throughout the movie and the stakes are constantly raised with all the mistakes and tragic things going on around them.

I feel like I could go on but I shouldn’t because I’ll end up spoiling something and I don’t want to because I think everyone should see it. Yeah, it gets the damn Blog Complainer Approved Seal and I’m not going to hide it any longer – it’s a 10/10. It’s a good movie and it’s currently under performing at the box-office. People should be more worried that movies like this are bombing instead of movies like Solo that shouldn’t even exist.

I wonder how this would go at the Oscars.

November is the best time to be at the movies because all the great ones start popping up and you get an occasional crap one, so enjoy it while it lasts because I have a feeling the next one will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Until next time, I’m that guy that occasionally stops complaining to praise one, I’ll be back in a couple days with more of what November has to offer.

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